40 Funny Compliments to Brighten Their Day

27 Jun 2024
6 min read
40 Funny Compliments: For Lovers, Friends, and Family

Who doesn’t love funny compliments when they are sincere? It can make our day when someone says, “I like your outfit,” “You did an awesome job on that presentation,” or “You are a wonderful best friend.” Sometimes, it can make our whole day. And when we take the time to compliment someone else, we never know how we may have just made their day.

Let’s see the list of funny compliments you can use to say something pleasant and encouraging to another person.

40 funny compliments that will make them smile and laugh

The Science of Behind a Funny Compliment

Researchers back up the importance of compliments. Receiving a compliment activates the same area of the brain as activated by receiving a monetary reward. So, getting a compliment is a bit like getting a paycheck.

January 24 is National Compliment Day in the US; March 1 is International Compliment Day. It speaks to the importance placed on showing and receiving appreciation – a psychological human need. And when someone feels appreciated, they are more willing to cooperate and work through challenges both personal and professional.

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Funny Compliments: Why We Need Them?

Funny compliments are important because they touch your sense of humor and release stress in relationships. While genuine and serious compliments are cool and make someone smile, a funny compliment will make them laugh. And laughter can serve to seal a relationship even more.

So you might want to show your funny side with the compliments you give to friends, family, co-workers, and lovers. Let’s unpack some you can use or that will give you ideas for your own originals.

Word of Caution: Some funny compliments are a cross between a genuine compliment and humorous “roasting.” They are probably not a good idea for people who take themselves and their lives too seriously. Others are exaggerations of serious compliments in light-hearted form and will be appreciated by almost anyone. Just know your “audience” before you lay one on them.

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For Friends: 9 Funny Compliments

  1. I love hanging out with you – you look like the weird one and I look normal.
  2. When we get into the nursing home, you will be the primary reason for me getting into trouble.
  3. You’re the one person I can always count on to tell me the truth – like one sock doesn’t match the other.
  4. You make me laugh so much, that I’m going to have to find a good bra and some pee pads.
  5. Our friendship is a win-win. You get to hang out with me, and I get to look normal.
  6. You know that secret handshake I taught you that you love to greet me with? Well, it’s really an alien greeting that makes you sterile.
  7. One thing that makes our friendship so cool? You can assume human form, so I don’t look like I’m talking to myself.
  8. You’re the one person who is fully supportive of me – who else can point out all of my faults so well?
  9. You’re that awesome friend who my mom warned me about!
Your friends and relatives deserve a funny compliment too!

For Family Members: 6 Funny Compliments

  1. I asked God to make a mini-me but to leave out the sarcastic attitude. He forgot.
  2. You’re the best mom ever – who else would give all my friends a great laugh by putting a raw egg in my lunch?
  3. One of the things I love about you as a spouse – you can point out all my flaws in such a wonderful way. You make me feel like I want to be on cloud wine.
  4. Now I kind of understand why mother animals sometimes eat their young – they dirty up the nests and dens so badly, are always hungry, and can’t seem to hear pleas to clean up after themselves. But your sweet nature brightens up my day, makes me feel good, and holds me back – Feel lucky.
  5. I love that you love my chocolate cake – my dinner guests would have loved it too.
  6. You make me smile every day, and that dirty face makes it even better.

For Co-Workers: 6 Funny Compliments

  1. You did an amazing job on that presentation. Can you do mine now?
  2. That project was perfect. I’m sure you want more to get more brownie points – here’s mine.
  3. You work so hard – sort of like a teacher during the last week of school.
  4. I think you are a nasty addict for work. But you do make life a bit easier for every other person here. Keep it up, please.
  5. I’ve seen your problem-solving skills. If I have to be stranded on a desert island, I’ll bring you with me.
  6. You have a great sense of what needs to be done. How about you get a sense of how I can improve my love life?

For Love and Romance: 14 Funny Compliments

So, these funny compliments might need to be divided into categories depending on what stage your relationship is in. And that’s what we’ll do here.

7 Funny Compliments as Pickup Lines

Some hilarious compliments can be used as pickup lines. Here are some funny compliments both women and men can be comfortable using:

  1. You may very well be the reason for global warming
  2. You’re a cute cumber and perfect for my salad
  3. Your mom deserves a trophy after making you
  4. You’re like finding an extra fry at the bottom of the bag
  5. If you were a book, you’d be a page-turner
  6. If being hot were a crime, you’d have a life sentence
  7. You smell so divine I’d make a candle out of you

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7 Funny Compliments Early in a Relationship

Early on in your relationship, you can use humor to get a laugh and indicate your interest in a funny way. One cute way to do this is to send a text message at a random time or write a note to be found after you leave their place. Sometimes this is much more effective than during conversation – it stands totally by itself.

Here are a few examples that show your sense of humor:

  1. You’re more fun than popping bubble wrap.
  2. You should probably be a new category of pop culture – an amazing example of contemporary human art
  3. If someone uses the Google search engine for cute, funny, sweet, and a little bit weird, you’ll probably pop up on the first page.
  4. The world can be an ugly place – I bet your laugh can fix that
  5. If you were an elevator ride, I wouldn’t get off.
  6. You’re like a fine apple – one bite isn’t enough, not for Adam and not for me.
  7. Think I’ll author a new book – a corner piece of just a single day in your crazy life that I was glad to share.

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For Late in a Relationship: 5 Funny Compliments

A funny compliment when a relationship is well-established will be a way to show your love with a slice of funny talk and of course an endearing statement. Here are some examples of how to do just that:

  1. If I could marry food, it would be pizza. But I’d rather you turn into that pizza.
  2. If I had a choice between you and my morning caffeine fix, I fear I’d just have to be tired all day.
  3. If we were the last two people in the world, we would have no problem repopulating the place – totally fun with no serpent or tempting apple.
  4. I would give up binge-watching Yellowstone if I could binge-watch you instead.
  5. I feel bad for a room when you leave it – it is just less bright.
Funny hilarious compliments bond relationships

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Funny Compliment!

Funny compliments have a place in every life environment – among friends, among co-workers, among family members, and, certainly in romantic settings. Funny and hilarious compliments allow people to joke, laugh, and share a humorous life moment with each other – something that is often totally missing in this often too serious world of ours. A funny compliment can actually be healing.

Sharing a laugh creates a bond between people that only humor can provide. When we can be funny and joke with each other, our other faces fall away, and we are noticed for the funny person we can be.

This article should have shown you how you can give out a funny compliment in all of your life environments. The examples are meant as a matter of encouragement so that you can find your funny side and use it to develop closer bonds with those people who are important in your life. Spread a funny compliment around whenever and wherever you can. You can only guess at whose day you may have just made.

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