Divorced Dating: It's Time to Get Out There Again!

Hily is the divorced dating app you need to shake off the hurt and re-enter the dating world.

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Divorced Dating with Hily

Even if your divorce was on good terms, the idea of getting back out there can be intimidating. You’ve been attached to another person for quite a while or the notion of online dating might be entirely new to you. Even more, some divorced dating sites may feel like online meat markets. But before you decide that online dating isn’t for you, give Hily a try.

We are committed to helping anyone find love, no matter what their romantic history is. Our specialty is fostering meaningful connections based on compatibility and conversation. No matter what your dating goals are, we can help. So many divorced and widowed singles have used our dating app to meet people and find meaningful connections! Let us help you too.

Top Free Features for Divorced Dating

We understand that you may not want to invest in an online dating app. That’s why we want you to have it all for free.

Nearby Search
Most divorced people are interested in connecting with local singles. We offer nearby search that makes it easy to find people in your area.
Incognito Mode
Formerly married singles have good reason to protect their privacy. Prevent anyone from seeing your profile until you're ready (even your spouse)!
Advanced Filters
Other dating sites cause divorced singles to waste time on people who aren't compatible. Use advanced filters on our site to find a perfect match.
Disable Ads
Just like it sounds! Enjoy finding potential matches without distracting ads, inappropriate messages, and external noise.

Dating After Divorce: Tips For Divorced Singles

People who are most successful online dating after having been married know what they want but also keep an open mind. As you look for a potential partner, read dating site bios carefully. Pay close attention to the other person’s interests to see if they align with yours. Remember that great new connections don’t have to be a perfect match. As you start this new chapter in your life, keep an open mind.

Be flexible about what you want in a new relationship. Don’t be hesitant to take things slowly and keep things casual. There is plenty of time to move on to long-term relationships! It’s okay to get yourself acclimated to the dating scene.

One way to start matching with plenty of other singles is to be an active participant in Hily. Don’t worry about finding the perfect person. Use icebreakers, take the compatibility quiz, and answer questions. As you get to know people, you’ll have fun and go out on a few dates.

Top Premium Features For Divorced Dating

Top Premium Features For Divorced Dating

These features can help divorced singles start dating sooner and find love.

Did you scroll past a dating profile? Go back with rollbacks
Major Crushes
Send enhanced likes or a message before you become mutuals!
Get seen by more singles on our dating site with a temporary boost
Compatibility Quiz
Take a quiz to help match you with more singles and start great convos!
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How The Divorced Dating App Works?

We make it easy for divorced men and women to succeed in the online dating world. Getting started with Hily is easy.

Download Hily App
Get Hily from Google Play or the App Store. It just takes a few minutes!
Create a Profile
Take time to create an amazing online dating profile with great pics
Discover People Nearby
We provide local partner suggestions for your post-divorce date success
Start Your Story
Serious relationship or casual dating, start your story with Hily!

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Divorced Dating Sites: Why Choose Hily?

We know Hily isn’t the only dating site that has welcomed you as a divorced person. But we also know that we are the best dating app for divorced singles. Whether you are going through a divorce now or have left your marriage years ago, our team understands your needs. This dating site was created to make the process of finding the right person and enjoying dating as easy as possible. You deserve a dating experience that is fun, easy and fits in with your life as a divorced parent.

There are so many challenges faced by the average person who is divorced. This includes anxiety over the first date after divorce, dating as a single parent, and the issues you encounter if you are a newly divorced man. Are you a single mom? We see you and think you deserve the love life you’ve always wanted. Let us help you find a new partner or simply have fun.

How Hard is Dating After Divorce?

It’s difficult to get back into dating after a divorce. You’ve just ended your most serious relationship, and are likely struggling with some trauma related to that. Sadly, many dating apps don’t do much to make you feel encouraged about stepping into the world of dating. That’s a shame because dating doesn’t have to be hard! Even better, it can be the time of your life!

Divorced dating should be freeing. It should be something you look forward to, not something that your dread. It certainly shouldn’t feel like an obligation. At Hily, we believe dating should work your way. Whether you are marriage-minded or simply want to meet amazing people in real life. We customize our recommendations according to your preferences so that you only connect with people who have a significant amount of compatibility with you.

Meet Divorced Singles Ready to Date on Hily

You may be looking at many dating apps, but we are confident that Hily is the best for the average divorced man or woman. Our focus is on curating quality matches based on your personality, preferences, and what you want from your next relationship. Additionally, we have created an online dating site that is easy to use. You’ll actually enjoy getting on Hily each day to check your likes and messages, and then scroll through profiles of great single folks just like you!

So many of our users have been left feeling discouraged by other dating apps. They find Hily to be refreshing and authentic. That’s what we’re most proud of – our track record of helping such a wide range of people connect, communicate, and find dates with people who click with them. Whether you are a divorced man looking for one woman and a long-term relationship or a newly divorced mom who simply wants to have a good time, Hily can work for you. As long as you are authentic, open, and participate actively, Hily provides the perfect gateway to the dating world.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not too soon to start dating as long as you feel good about doing so. Nobody should feel pressured by their former spouse or anyone else to wait if they are ready to get out there. If you do feel hesitant about dating, there’s no pressure from us. Hily will be available when you are ready to start exploring dating sites.

You should wait until you feel like dating. It’s really that simple. Remember that dating as a divorced man or woman can mean so many different things. You don’t have to be ready for a committed relationship to get back out there and enjoy dating life. Also, Hily was created for singles of any age to connect with other adults. Our users are in pursuit of many relationship goals from marriage to no strings attached flings. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it right here.

Hily is a divorce dating app that was created to meet the needs of many single people. Our users have a wide range of life experiences and demographics. This includes having been married in the past, wanting to date people in a different age bracket, interest in multicultural dating, desire to get married, and more. We’ve successfully created a site that can work for any single. This includes divorced people.

We have taken every reasonable step to make our website and app safe for our users. Regarding privacy, we are fully compliant with all laws and regulations that apply to us. We have published our privacy policy on our site, and encourage users to review it. Our relationship with you is very important to us. We would never compromise that by being anything but extremely diligent about protecting your personal data.

Your safety is also important to us. You use Hily to search for a new relationship or find other romantic experiences. We believe this should be a safe, affirming experience for you. That’s why we have strong, zero-tolerance policies for harassment and bullying. If you experience either, please report this behavior immediately so we may take action.

Use Hily to enjoy dating in a way that is effective, efficient, and flexible. We have seen users connect with their true love and get married. Other Hily users have enjoyed the freedom of dating as many people as they desire. No matter what your goals are, you’ll find that Hily was made to work for you. All you have to do is download the app, create an engaging profile, and use our unique features.

Great news! You can use Hily for free. Many divorced people have used our app to jump feet-first back into the world of dating online. It costs absolutely nothing to install the app, answer a few questions, and start meeting people who are truly compatible with you. There’s no pressure to pay for a premium membership. Although many people do appreciate the results they have gotten from our paid package, it isn’t necessary to spend money to get the results you want. Thousands of previously married people have used our app successfully.

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