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Are you looking for amazing single men to date? Great news! So many of them have discovered Hily! That means your partner could be waiting here for you. Remember, we appear to people of all ages.

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Want to Meet Great Single Men On Hily Dating App?

You want to meet single men, but other dating apps have been disappointing. Maybe you’ve avoided online dating completely. You’re not alone. We understand the struggles that single women face on the dating scene. That’s why we created Hily with a focus on true compatibility. That’s what meeting the ideal partner is all about.

When we show you a single man, that’s not done randomly. Instead, we use a compatibility quiz, your profile, and other data to match you with someone who is likely to be a great fit for you. So, not just any guy, but the right guy at the right time! Women of all ages have used Hily dating app to find a partner.

Hily is technology driven with a human heart. That’s how we make online dating work for women who are interested in the three Cs: compatibility, conversation, and connection. What matters to you. Is it age, occupation, hobbies, personality, or something else? We will help you find plenty of compatible dates.

Top Free Features For Single Men Dating

We've built great features into the Hily dating site. These will help you find single daters quickly. Even better, we offer each of these for free

This is our online technology that connects you with single guys who fit your profile. We understand that you want the time you spend using our dating app to be worthwhile. That's why we look for compatibility factors before we recommend other profiles to you. This key to meeting someone in this day and age
It's good to show who you are at any age! Express yourself and get to know single men looking for women like you. Use streaming to really show off your personality live and in person. Learn more about your potential partners as they watch and respond to you. We are proud to give our members this platform
It can be difficult to get to know single men. Those awkward moments can really hinder your progress toward your first date. So can asking and answering the same stale questions. To help with that, we have icebreakers. These are fun conversation starters to help men and women using our dating site get to know one another better. Meeting other members should be fun, not awkward
You deserve to have a pleasant online dating experience. That means not being exposed to anything that is offensive or NSFW. There is no reason for that in this age of technology. We blur pictures that may contain images you don't want to see until you consent to view them. This is just one way that we look out for our members

Hily is The Best Place For Single Men Dating

If you are eager to meet single men, we are the last online dating site you will ever need. Our goal is to help you leave the single life behind and find a happy relationship. We do this by offering an easy-to-use app, a combination of free and premium features, and our special technology that helps to recommend the most compatible profiles to you.

Can you really meet single guys on Hily app? Absolutely! In fact, there are so many men looking for women online that you will truly enjoy a wide selection. Unlike some other dating apps, we have found the perfect balance between men and women. This is the right place for modern daters.

Top Premium Features For Single Men Dating

Top Premium Features For Single Men Dating

We hope you will take a closer look at each of our premium features. If you are interested in dating men, these make the process easy and fun! Users who invest in our upgrade may be able to make better connections with other Hily users just a bit faster

We hate when we miss out on potential partners. That's why we came up with the idea for a rollback! Use it to return to the previous profile and change your mind. This way, you won't miss out on the ideal partner
Major Crush
Use major crush to send an upgraded like to potential partners. You'll be able to include a message to really make things personalized. So, have your ideas for sexy messages ready! Our users are waiting to build a future with you
Visitors & Incoming
With this feature, you can see all of the people who viewed and responded to your profile! It's like a preview of your potential suitors ready for dates
Nearby Search
Are there single men in your favorite city? Enter a location, and we will tell you who is within the thirty-mile zone. Find dates while you travel for fun or pleasure
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How Our App Works For Single Men Dating?

Hily dating app is your online source for meeting amazing people.

Download Hily And Find Single Guys
Hily is available online on Google Play and the App Store! Download it for free
Create a Profile to Meet Single Men
It's easy! Answer some questions to build your profile. We'll use your answers to find compatible single guys who want the same kind of relationship you do
Discover Available Guys Nearby
You want to meet guys in real life. We can help you find singles near you who are ready to date
Create Your Own Love Story
Now you are ready to create your successful story of meeting an awesome guy. This is the right place for you

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Why Should I Use Hily Dating App to Date Single Men?

Hily was designed to give you as many opportunities as possible to connect with men who are single. You can chat, live stream, plan in-person dates, and so much more. Remember, we use technology to connect single men and women based on compatibility factors. Other sites just don’t do that. We believe that along with friendly conversation truly set the foundation for a fun and healthy relationship. Who knows, that initial meeting could turn into a second date. Then, who knows what amazing things can happen next! Perhaps a relationship is next. Our members have a great track record of success when it comes to finding relationships using Hily’s free and premium features.

Meet Singles by Being Yourself

Hily works best when you are as real and genuine as possible. There’s no need to pretend to be somebody you aren’t. We believe there is truly a relationship out there for every single. Remember that Hily dating app uses compatibility to help you find the single men you are most likely to connect with on a deeper level. That means you are most likely to find the man of your dreams if you are as true to yourself as possible. So, share your personality, your interests, and your dreams. We will help you find a guy who will absolutely treasure you. Let’s make your dating goals a reality.

No Luck on Other Dating Sites? Try Hily!

Ghosting, catfishing, breadcrumbing, just plain dysfunctional guys! We know your experiences on other dating sites may have been disappointing, even traumatic. Life isn’t supposed to be like that when you just want a healthy relationship. You deserve better. Don’t give up on online dating. Other platforms may say they are different, but Hily truly is. Our focus is on compatibility which leads to great conversations and connections. We’ll learn what is important to you, whether that’s meeting people in your age group or who have the same hobbies that you do. If you are a single woman in search of a man who will really get you and build a relationship, let us help! It’s so easy to get started. Take this as a sign that there are singles waiting to meet you.

Single Guys Who Are Worth Your Time

Quality over quantity. That’s our philosophy. That’s what you should expect from our free dating site. It’s why we take time to find single guys for you who really align with your personality and interests. Have you noticed that so many apps will recommend the same people to you over and over again? That’s because they don’t care about compatibility or the potential for long-term relationships. So, you end up wasting your time on guys that were never meant to be. We can’t guarantee that every first date will turn into a long-term relationship, but you will have much more fun with men who have been selected because of what they have in common with you, not simply because they happen to be singles nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions On Single Men Dating

It’s simple! You are a single woman seeking a relationship with an available man. We attract quality men and help you make connections with them based on genuine compatibilities such as interests, communication style, and personality type. It’s the place to meet singles, be yourself and have fun!

Yes! You can download Hily app, create a profile, and start looking for men who interest you. So many women are able to find smart, funny, compatible men using the free version of Hily! If you’d like to boost your internet dating experience, we do encourage you to try Hily premium. Its ideal for daters who are seeking a faster path to meeting more singles.

We take every step to ensure your safety and privacy. Hily complies with all compatible laws and regulations related to consumer data privacy. Additionally, we empower you to take steps to protect yourself. These include the ability to block users and report suspicious behavior. Our team works hard to keep our site safe for daters

There are more than 22,5 million people using Hily. Thanks to our large user base, we have helped single Americans, as well as people from around the world, find the ideal partner. We are confident that we can help you find an amazing man too! Millions of singles have found their soulmate.

Finding a date shouldn’t be hard. We think it should be fun, easy, and a fabulous experience for everyone involved. If you are a woman interested in a romantic relationship, friendship, or just a bit of fun Hily has the features you need. Let our marriage of technology and heart turn dating online into something you enjoy not something you dread.

Hily is based in the USA, but we are proud to have a global presence. Our app is available to singles in so many countries all over the world, in big cities and small. There’s a good chance that we are already in your country. If not, let us know! We are always interested in expanding our presence, to any place that allows us. We stay busy expanding our footprint every day.

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