26 Signs He Thinks You Are Special

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26 May 2023
13 min read
26 Signs He Sees You as Someone Special

At times, it’s not obvious whether a person still sees you as just a friend or starts to drop hints that he likes you. And there’s no surprise, as signs he sees you as someone special range from subtle signs to more obvious ones. And in reality, you should pay attention to all of them in order to get the real picture about his feelings for you.

So, here are all the subtle and obvious signs that can tell you that a guy likes you and wants to be more than just friends. How much points will you get? Let’s check it out.

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26 Signs He Sees You As Someone Special

Here are all the signs worth paying attention to tell whether he sees you as someone special.

1. He Cares for You

In all types of friendship, there is always going to be a level of care between everyone involved. Of course, there is a difference between care from platonic friends and family and from a person who sees you as someone special.

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There are definitely more subtle signs of this, however, there are some key criteria you need to look out for. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much does he check in on you?
  • Is he checking on you maybe once a week or less, or is he doing it more often?
  • Does he offer to help you on a consistent basis?
  • Does he offer to get you groceries or take care of you when you are sick?

The nuances may differ, but one of the biggest signs he sees you as someone special is he will likely go above and beyond the normal means of care and friendship to let you just that he cares deeply for you.

Signs he sees you as someone special

2. You Feel It in His Body Language

Body language is one of the most subtle signs that you can use to tell if he sees you as someone special. As you spend time together carefully watch his eyes and see how they react. Are they dilated and wide every time he sees you? Do they seem to narrow if you start to talk about other guys, or even seem to sparkle as you make eye contact with him?

Another one of the bigger signs he sees you as someone special is the amount of space that he gives you when you talk to each other. For example, does it seem like he’s paying attention, maybe even too much attention to you as you talk? Does he seem to lean in closer and closer to you as he maintains eye contact?

Also, pay attention to how much he leans in toward you. This lack of personal space is a very good sign that a guy likes you and wants to be with you. Next time you see him and want to test this just sit next to him and start talking about anything with him. Then pay close attention. If he seems to move towards you, that is a clear sign that he likes you.

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3. Your Compliments Brighten Up His Day

If you have an ability to make his day better, that is a good sign that he sees you as someone special. In this situation, the tell tale sign is his reactions to your compliments.

Everybody enjoys a compliment, so long as it is coming from a genuine place. However, most of the time while a compliment can improve one’s day marginally, it is drastically different when it comes from somebody that you like.

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If you compliment your guy friend and that guy secretly likes you, you may notice a complete shift in his mood. He may start to smile more – and even go out of his way, like changing his everyday appearance to be geared towards that compliment.

Next time you are with him, mention something about him looking nice. For example, a ring on his hand, the way he brushed his hair, or even the fact he chose to wear a button-down shirt instead of a polo. Then, pay attention to him the next couple of times you see him.

If you notice he has incorporated the things you complimented him on, that is a huge sign that he wants to form a deeper connection with you.

When a guy likes you, he stays in touch as much as possible

4. He Looks for Ways to Stay in Touch

Most friends may only ask for your social media info and cellphone number at most. However, one of the biggest signs he sees you as someone special is wanting to keep tabs on you in many ways. If a guy likes you, he’s going to try and keep in contact with you in as many ways as he possibly can.

He may ask for all your social media handles or offer to share your email with him just in case. Wanting to be connected with you is one of the major signs that he sees you as someone special.

This sign is not self-obvious, though. Some guys may be more subtle about it and simply drop hints about wanting more ways to stay in touch with you, while others may be much more open about their wants.

5. He Asks You Lots of Open-Ended Questions

A great way to get to know someone is to ask them lots of open-ended questions. After all, questions that are based on your opinions or personality are great ways for you to get to know somebody, and keep them talking. In fact, one of our favorite pieces of relationship advice is to ask the person you like open-ended questions.

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If the types of questions he asks include personal questions or questions that have to do with your personal opinion, that is a great sign that he wants to be more than just friends.

6. He Seems Nervous or Awkward

You may notice that as you spend time together, he seems to be nervous or awkward. Perhaps, his body language is a bit more stiff than usual, or maybe he’s constantly tripping over his words. These things are often some of the tell tale signs he sees you as someone special.

When he acts awkward around you, he may have just started to realize that he catches feelings. In this case, he doesn’t exactly know how to handle those feelings. So, pay close attention to his speech patterns if you’re not sure – if he’s nervous, he’ll tend to stutter or mumble.

Direct eye contact is a clear sign he sees you as someone special

7. He Makes Lots of Eye Contact

A guy makes more consistent or prolonged eye contact when he is interested in someone. For many people, eye contact is one of the many things that get many people out of their comfort zone. Therefore, a guy who likes you is more likely to look you in the eyes.

Each reaction in his eyes is just a small collection of the signs he sees you as someone special, as it is difficult to have complete control over how your eyes react.

8. He Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk

Or at least he tries to. When a guy is attracted to someone, his behavior might change in a way that makes it obvious that he’s trying to impress you. He wants you to hold him in high esteem so that you want to start dating.

This behavior can be anything, from trying to excel in things that you find interesting to wearing clothes that you have stated that you find attractive. All these things have the same meaning: he wants to feel special in your eyes.

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9. Sometimes He Acts a Little Strange

He makes dorky jokes when you’re nearby or fidgets. Sometimes, he might turn into from this outgoing, fun person into someone who is painfully shy. All of these things happen when you’re nearby.

This could mean he has feelings for you. The jokes could be an awkward attempt to impress you with humor that’s a bit dampened by his nerves. The shyness could be an attempt to avoid revealing his true feelings until he knows he has a special place in your heart too. Pay attention and read those signs objectively.

10. He Drags the Conversation or Makes Subtle Plans

If he’s romantically interested in you, but not ready to make a move, he may find subtle ways to be with you. For example, he’ll invite you over for a night of playing games with friends. He’ll also work hard to keep conversations with you going as long as possible. All these subtle gestures can also contribute to the bigger picture that he likes you.

11. He Is Proud to Be with You and It Shows in His Actions

He enjoys spending time with you. In fact, he is downright proud to have you as his companion. He will dress nicer when he’s with you, introduce you to his friends, and show other signs that he wants everybody to know the two of you are hanging out.

12. He Starts to Use the Same Kind of Phrases and Slang as You

He isn’t mocking you. This is just a sign that he is being influenced by your presence. That means he respects you as a person.

Chances are, he isn’t doing it consciously. We just tend to pick up the language patterns and habits of people who leave a good impression on us.

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13. He Calls or Texts to Tell You When Something Good Has Happened

When something exciting happens in his life, he initiates contact to let you know. This is a great sign that he wants you to be proud of him, and that you are the first person he thinks of when he has amazing news.

When something is going on, he will share his personal experience with you to get your feedback. This is how your guy shows concern for your opinions. Even if you aren’t dating yet, he wants you to know that your opinions really matter to him.

14. He Touches You for No Reason

Not all physical touch is sexual. If he has feelings for you, he may touch your arm while the two of you talk. Another common move is to ensure his shoulder brushes yours when he walks buy. This is great if you have feelings too, but it’s also okay to set some boundaries.

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A good guy sees and respects the limits you place around your body and personal space. Still, these touches are signs that he wants to be physically close to you.

15. He Offers to Help You with Anything and Everything

If you express a need, you can bet he is going to be eager to give you a hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ride to the bus stop or help getting a new piece of furniture into your apartment.

He will be happy to sacrifice a bit of his free time to be the one who helps you out.

if he enjoying spending time with you, that's a sign he sees you as someone special

16. When He Has Spare Time, He Spends It with You

Speaking of free time, a guy who is really into you will want to spend as much of it with you as he can. His idea of a good night is going to be spent with you, having an amazing time.

He may even try to arrange some time with just you. The idea of being the only one hanging with you makes him quite happy as he really wants to get to know you better.

17. He Gives You a Lot of Attention on Social Media

Oh yeah, he’s going to be very attentive to you on social media. He’ll agree with your posts and leave other compliments. He might even hit you up in your DMs. Of course, these are all signs that he has dating on his mind.

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18. He Talks About the Future with You in It

A guy will show his hand by talking about his future and making it clear you are going to have a place in his life. To him, it just makes sense that you are going to be involved down the line.

Of course, he may not be willing to reveal just how he sees your relationship evolving. Despite this, you can be confident that he wants your connection to last a long time.

19. He Seems Jealous of Other Guys

If you talk about some other guy, how does he react? Does his body language change to reflect irritation or annoyance? Does he show certain signs of concern – or even anger – when you talk about other men?

Jealousy is one of the few emotions that are very difficult to hide. However, that jealousy is a great indicator of a deeper level of affection.

A man who buys gifts a woman sees her as someone special

20. He Buys You Gifts

When he remembers details about your life and gives you gifts to reflect those details, there might be a good chance that you may have found a guy who likes you. Rest assured, he gives you these gifts as he wants to see you happy.

21. He Lets You Know He Misses You When You’re Not Together

One of the best signs he sees you as someone special is when he lets you know how much he misses you. You may see it in his body language before he actually says it, like seeing he becomes more alert when you are around. He stands up and waves to you as soon as he sees you.

This is a great sign that he likes you if he lets you know something before he even realizes that he is letting you know.

22. He Doesn’t Mention Other Love Interests

When a guy secretly likes you, you may notice that he does not talk about any other potential love interests he has. If you ask him about anyone he likes, he may be vague and won’t talk about his past relationships.

This is a big sign that when it comes to his relationship status, he is hoping that you will be part of it in the future. His vagueness about relationships may be his way to see if you feel the same way or not.

23. His Friends Know Small Details About You

In your friend group, your friends also have friends outside that group that you may see from time to time. If a guy friend sees you as more than just a friend you may notice that when you get with his other friends that they seem to know certain details about you that they would only know through him.

This is probably one of the best signs he sees you as someone special. He seems to find you so special and unique that he takes the time to talk to others about you.

24. He’s Always Talking to You

“We’re very protective. We mark our territory. If a man loves you…he’s willing to profess it. He’ll give you a title after a while. You’re going to be his lady, his woman, his fiancée, his wife, his baby’s mama, something.”

Relationship advice from Steve Harvey

A big sign that he wants to enter a serious relationship is that he is constantly talking to you. Although there are times when actions speak louder than words, this is a point where words speak the loudest.

He may seem totally focused on nobody but you. He may even not talk with anybody but you. If he pays attention more to you than anyone else and is constantly talking with you, that is one of the key pointers that most single men use to try and get the person they like interested in them.

25. He Tells You Personal Things

One of the most common key pointers that people use to get others to like them is to tell the people they like personal things about them. Most guys find it hard to talk about themselves in such an intimate way.

If he’s telling you embarrassing stories from his childhood, personal information such as his favorite things, and fears, it’s possible that he wants to move things forward from the level of being close friends.

26. He Loves Your Weird Side

By your weird side, we mean things like these:

  • Does your guy smile lovingly when you snort-laugh?
  • Does he find it endearing that it bothers you when your special table at the local coffee shop isn’t available?
  • What about your love of gross-out humor?

He doesn’t just tolerate the things that make you weird, he genuinely loves that side of you. We know relationship experts say you should accept your partners flaws, but we think you should also embrace their weirdness.

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There Are Signs He Sees You as Someone Special: Make the Next Move

Whether you are casually going out or just friends, it is very obvious that he is very much into you. Now, it is your time to decide what you want to do. He sees you as more than a friend, but how do you see him? Don’t be afraid to make the first move – our blog has an article helpful in such cases. He already likes you, so you’re safe!

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