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25 Mar 2024
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14 Ways of How to Make Someone Blush - Your Ultimate Guide

There are so many situations that can make us blush from embarrassment. We may be a speaker at a public event, become overheard by someone we’re describing negatively, or get compliments in a public setting. Some situations are pleasant; others are not. But as a partner, we want to know how to make someone blush to take pleasure in this situation – and we’re here to help you get that blushing from them.

How to make someone blush? Your guide

Why Does a Person Blush?

“Blishing is attributed to our natural fight or flight reaction, or the way a body responds in an emergency…except, instead of fear, the fuel for reaction is embarrassment, nervousness, or anxiety – be that from a flubbed phone call or a first kiss.”

Ava Shamban, M.D.

Here is exactly what happens when a person is blushing:

  1. The nervous system is activated by some type of stimulus
  2. The heart responds by delivering more blood and oxygen that goes everywhere, including into the skin cells
  3. Because skin cells have wide blood vessels close to the surface, increased blood flow is more visible there

While blushing, the whole body will feel the rush of oxygen and blood – it’s just more visible on the face and neck.

Remember that blushing is an involuntary reaction to a stimulus. That said, lots of guys think it’s fun to make a girl blush, in private or public, by things they say or do. And we do have this societal notion that girls blush but guys don’t – maybe we think they are not as susceptible to triggers.

Most likely, guys seem to like to make a girl blush because it feels like an achievement. If they say and do things that make someone they are dating blush, it’s an indication that the girl feels affection for them. It’s a type of conquest.

But make no mistake about it. Some things can make a guy blush, like tripping up while making a speech or being embarrassed in a business meeting. These situations cause an adrenaline rush, resulting in flushed skin. A guy may not blush when feeling some of the emotions that may make a woman blush, and this may be a factor in the role he has learned growing up. It’s not “macho” to blush with romantic emotions – that’s “reserved” for gals.

14 Ways of How to Make Someone Blush in a Dating Relationship

Given that guys are generally more motivated to find out how to make someone blush than girls, we’ll focus on how a guy can make a girl blush in this section. But as we wind our way down that path, some of the strategies will also work to make a guy blush.

So, how does someone make another person blush? Pick up the best way for you from this list!

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1. Hold Eye Contact for a Long Time or Just Stare

Here’s an easy tip for how to make a girl blush, especially if your relationship is relatively new:

  1. When you are sitting across from her, make eye contact as you talk
  2. Keep staring at her during silent breaks in conversation
  3. Maintain eye contact while you sip your drink or take a bite of food

Not only is it a good way to make her blush, but there are sexual overtones to doing it while consuming something. If you have ever watched the old classic movie, Tom Jones, that has an eating scene that is priceless in its eye contact and sexuality for your reference.

Here’s another way to make a girl blush with your eyes:

  1. If you are sitting next to each other, just start staring at her from the side
  2. She’ll sense this and eventually turn toward you
  3. Hold those eyes with yours

This is a great way to see that flush of a blush creep up over her face. By the way, if a gal is looking for how to make a guy blush, this can work.

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2. Send Flirty and Suggestive Texts

One of the easiest ways to make someone blush is using you messaging app to send text messages. Send this kind of text when you are apart at work or school. Suggest something you’d like to do when you are together again. Even though you are not there, you can imagine the blush that your message has caused.

But wait. You don’t have to only send those messages when you are apart. How about a sexy message from across the room when you are physically together. This can be a great way to make them blush and a source of suggestions of things to come.

And it’s not only a girl who may blush over such a text.

Best tip here? Do this very randomly, so they never know when a flirty, sexy message might pop up.

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Gentle touch is one of the best ways to make a girl blush

3. Gentle Touches

Gentle touches can be the best triggers for making someone blush. When you are with a significant other, you certainly want to show them physical affection. Sometimes, gentleness can be a better way to make someone blush. Touch their face gently and you’ll see this is a great way for how to make someone blush.

This isn’t just one of the great ways for how to make a girl blush. A girl should try this on her male significant other and will probably see the same results, especially if it is in public.

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4. Sing and/or Dedicate a Song to Them

This can happen both publicly and privately. Suppose you are out for an evening and there is a club with a DJ. Pick a meaningful song and have them dedicate it to your squeeze. When it is announced, watch those neck and facial blood vessels open up and let that rosy color shine through.

If you fancy yourself a singer, go to a karaoke bar and make someone blush by dedicating a song yourself – one of the most guaranteed ways to get a strong blush in a girl or a guy.

This can be one of the easiest ways to make him or her blush even in a private setting. Pull up your playlist, find the perfect song, and tell them that it reminds you of them as you play it. That along with some eye contact and gentle touching will have them blushing like a geyser.

5. Whisper Something Flirty and/or Sexy

Here is how you can secretly make your special someone blushing only you two will know why:

  1. Think about some of the flirty/sexy text messages you have sent in the past after special lovemaking
  2. Revise a text message into a similar one
  3. Whisper the reminder of that special night and/or what you’d like to do when the night is over. You can make it a kind of “inside joke” you share.

Observe them blush and others will wonder what you said. The secrecy of it all is a great way to make someone blush even more.

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6. Paying Compliments

If you want to get someone blushing from compliments, you have to be genuine but also pretty descriptive about it. Giving compliments is an art, and it takes some practice to master it – but we’ll give you here a couple of examples of what you can say as a reference.

“I loved the way you stepped in and helped (name of people) cool down their argument. You were calm but forceful, and it was just the perfect way to approach the situation. Kinda makes you a hero in my book.”

“You know, you have the perfect method for making a person feel valued and important. When I am with you, I feel like I am the only person in your world at the moment. You are such a thoughtful person.”

Not only did you pay a compliment, but you gave a great explanation of why – an easy way to get someone blushing and feeling pretty great about you at the same time.

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7. Do Thoughtful Things When Not Expected

If you want to put that blush on their cheeks, here’s a surefire method. They might blush over text messages, and their adrenaline may start pumping with whispered flirts, but how about some more concrete ways to make them get those flushed cheeks?

Showing up randomly with an “I love you” gift that you know will please them can make them blush. It doesn’t have to lavish, but it’s an indicator that you are always thinking of ways to make them feel special.

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8. Display Your Affection in Public

This is one of the best methods to make someone blush. When you are out in public, give them a hug, nuzzle their neck, kiss them lovingly, and do anything else that will be appropriate for public display.

This will certainly make her blush – you too. And it can be a way to show your love and the “whole world” that you want to be this person only.

Public teasing is one of the triggers for blushing

9. Tease Them in Public

When you tease your partner within the earshot of others, they will definitely be blushing because other people will hear and may be listening to you do this.

Here’s the point: You can make your teasing very light, with a bit of body language thrown in, so your partner and the people around you know it’s all in lighthearted fun. Never make someone feel uncomfortable with teasing that goes too far.

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10. Smile and Wink – A Lot

This is not a new idea, but it should be added to your repertoire. Always smile when you give a compliment, make eye contact, and give a response to something they have said or are listening to as they speak. That continuous smile, even when there is no conversation, sends an endearing signal that a text message cannot send.

If you are out someplace, keep smiling at them. If they ask why, give a compliment – “You just make me want to smile all the time.”

That will get them blushing, for sure. Not only will this make them blush – they will also feel much more loving to you.

Now, about those winks. The goal is to convey the idea you are trying to show them how cute and special they are. Other people may not notice these winks, but your love will. And every time they get on, it will make them blush. Those winks will not just make them blush. They will give an element of quiet and almost secretive affection.

If you aren’t good at winking, practice in the mirror. It will be well worth it.

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11. Say I Love You – A Lot

Saying these three words is natural if you two are alone and in a romantic situation. That’s a part of life if you’re in a relationship with someone. And blushing is probably not something that will happen during those moments.

When “I Love You” pops out randomly and without warning, it shows you are trying to reinforce your love.

Here’s how you make those words count and get them to blush and send a sign back. You do it randomly in non-romantic moments.  This is something that will have them blushing but will also make them realize you are trying to reinforce that you love for them as much as possible. And their response will be in kind. They will begin to show their love for you even more.

Maybe you go out for breakfast and are enjoying your coffee. Look them in the eye and say “I love you.”

12. Come Up With Surprises

Maybe it’s their birthday, they got a promotion or graduated. If you’ve decided to do something special and plan a surprise gathering out of the blue, you can expect them to blush with that surprise.

You don’t do this to make her blush, but you love that she does. And it can be a clear sign of how much she means to you.

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13. Show Your Appreciation

All people want to be appreciated for the good we do for others in our life. And also, for our accomplishments outside of our personal life. If you’re someone who has been on the receiving end of appreciation, you know how good that feels.

How about you show appreciation to your lover just for making your life better?

At random times, not just after they have done something for which you are grateful, express your appreciation just because they are who they are. It’s a sign that your love for them is enduring. Their response will likely be blushing, and that will serve to make your feelings of love even stronger.

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14. Show That You Hear Them

An important factor in romantic connections is to show that you have listened to what they say and have done this over time. Something that all people want is to know they have really been heard.

If you bring up details of conversations you have had in the past, your love will see it as a sign of the genuineness of your love for them.

“Remember that time you told me about your dog dying? I’ve thought about that a lot. If you’re still grieving over that, I hope you’ll tell me what I might do to help.” This is an act of love on your part that will draw them closer to you – it can make a difference in the growth of your relationship.

While these moments may not always make them blush, the goal is to make sure they know the details of their story matters to you.

Here is how to make her blush

Your Ultimate Blushing Guide Summarized

Blushing is a response to several factors, but the one cause in common is emotion. And it’s important to remember that, while an emotional response can be triggered by different causes, blushing is a response that cannot be controlled.

Blushing is a chemical response that causes blood vessels to expand due to increased blood flow. And because the vessels of the facial skin are large and close to the surface, the increased blood flow can make someone blush.

In romantic situations, blushing is common. While we can’t account for what can make someone blush or not, it is still fun to try:

  • Eye contact for long periods can make your love blush.
  • Your SO might blush over text notes that are flirty and sexy.
  • You can make your lover blush with gentle touching.
  • You might cause your special someone to blush over public affection displays or light teasing.
  • You can make someone blush by paying genuine compliments that they also see as real.
  • You might come up with little gifts and surprises that can make them blush.
  • .Whispers, smiles, words of love and appreciation, and winks at random times may bring on blushing.

Here’s your job now. Have fun trying to get your partner to blush. Review all of these possibilities and start trying them out. Not only will you have a good time, but you’ll make your love connection even stronger. Onward!

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After taking a required Intro to Psychology course as an undergrad, I have never looked back. Since my doctoral program, I have specialized in adult relationship therapy. Through my studies and clinicals, I wrote several articles for professional journals and currently in the midst of writing a book.

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