Valentine’s Day – Let’s Be Cheesy Yet Creative!

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25 Nov 2023
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21 Valentine's Day Ideas, Ranged by Climate

Winter is indeed a festive season. And as soon as Christmas is over, you’re bombarded with Valentine’s Day ads in your email, on your social media accounts, and in lots of the stores you visit. But how should you actually celebrate Valentine’s Day? You understand that something like chocolate-covered strawberries should be bought, and you don’t really have any good Valentine’s Day ideas in mind. We’re here to help!

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How to Choose Among Valentine’s Day Ideas

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is the dream of retailers. All the boys will be looking for flowers and candy, making reservations at a restaurant for a candlelit dinner. Some of them can make a bold move and see February 14 as a top day for buying engagement rings. In their turn, all the girls will anticipate something wonderful if they are in a relationship. And they will always present their love with at least a “gushy” card and perhaps a gift. So, get ready to buy something, not only show your attention.

You may make choices based on where you are in your relationship. After a couple of dates, it may be safer to go for a Valentine’s Day date and a sexy night. Your celebration may include fun activities in your own city, food, and a candlelit, romantic restaurant in this case.

But if you are already in a romantic relationship, you may be expected to go for candy, flowers, expensive gifts, and a romantic dinner. But isn’t that what you do or get every Valentine’s Day? If so, it may be time to change things up – and use one of these Valentine’s Day ideas to make February 14 unique and memorable this year.

Valentines Day Ideas for warm countries

9 Valentine’s Day Ideas in Warm Climates

If you live in a warm climate, you have the “best of both worlds,” as both indoor and outdoor ideas will work for you. However, we recommend using the advantage of warm weather and considering these good possibilities for outdoor Valentine’s Day activities.

1. A River Cruise

Taking a river cruise is a great idea for a first date or a day/night with your long-term love. There are plenty of options if you are somewhere close to a river. The point is it’s a fun activity no matter where you are in your dating pendulum.

You can do a dinner theatre with a mystery to solve or sign on to one that has a band or other live entertainment.

2. A Campout in Your Own Backyard

The campout idea is designed for a relaxing environment. If you have a backyard, get that fire pit or grill going, cook a couple of steaks, or just make smores. Have a playlist set up and do a slow dance or two. If you are both ready for it, pitch a tent and spend the romantic night together.

3. Get Physical

Physical means many things: from sex to a bike ride to a favorite spot where you can sit and take in an amazing view. If both of you are into fitness, pack a surprise meal, take a hike, and break out some great wine and a picnic basket of all of your favorite things to eat. It’s small gestures like these that make a V-Day special.

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If your partner is into shopping, outdoor market can be a great date night idea

4. Hit an Outdoor Market

If you go for an outdoor market, you can spend several hours browsing the food and other stuff. If you just getting to know each other, this can be a great way to spend quality time together. In addition to having a great experience, you might find something useful, like a cool home decor piece from a local craftsman.

To keep the date night going, you can decide on a meal in advance, buy the ingredients on the market, and then go back to one of your places and cook a great meal together. That can be followed by watching a romantic movie or two.

5. Find a Carnival/Theme Park

If there is a theme park or a local carnival close by, plan a fun night there. Their festiver atmosphere will make your date even more exciting! Try your luck at the games and ride that ferris wheel again, holding up your arms and screaming like you did as kids. End the evening at an ice cream parlor. Be childish first – and then spend a date night as adults.

6. Attend an Outdoor Concert

If there is concert featuring their favorite artists, think no more – you can’t miss the chance for an exciting night! But even if there is none available on or near Valentines Day, you can still surprise them with getting tickets in advance and putting them in a great card.

Need an advice on how to present such a gift? It’s pretty simple: take your love out to dinner and present them. An exciting night can also become a romantic night – a win-win.

7. Coffee Date at an Outdoor Cafe

A coffee date can sound banal – and it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day occasion if you have just begun seeing someone. Meet for a breakfast coffee and a bagel in an outdoor space and bring a funny card. This can be a perfect time to get to know one another better – a perfect low-key event. If breakfast is not possible, consider meeting up for a drink at an outdoor pub.

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8. Take a Scenic Hike

Choose a place neither of you has ever been to before but one that fellow hikers have recommended for its scenery. While this is not the romantic date night you have had in the past, enjoying nature’s beauty together can be romantic in itself.

There are plenty of studies showing how being in nature lowers stress levels and has a calming effect. And when you and your date are feeling all serene, it is probably time for some cuddling.

9. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

This will take lots of time for planning on your part. If you are ready for the challenge, then take it. This does not have to be a budget-busting activity, but if you are into pricey gifts, have at it. You’ll buy several gifts and plan a scavenger hunt for your love, hiding those gifts around your yard or favorite places you have been. You may need to enlist some help from your favorite barista at a coffee shop you frequent, to hold a clue, or paste a note under a table at your favorite cafe, but if you have the time and you are creative, this can be one of the best romantic ideas for Valentines Day.

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Note: If you plan on any pricey gifts, make sure you have them placed in a secure location. (e.g., a jewelry store can hold onto a piece until you arrive with your love to retrieve it).

Indoor Valentines Day Ideas for colder countries

10 Indoor Valentine’s Day Ideas for Colder Climates

In some countries, February is too cold for outdoor activities. If that’s your case, you’ll have to get a bit creative with indoor activities. Here are some ideas to help you! Pick those that you can reasonably accomplish and that will celebrate love for your favorite person.

1. Plan a Day of Little Surprises

Here is the perfect scenario of this date idea:

  1. Begin with a love note in your own home. It could be on the bathroom mirror, in their jacket pocket, wallet, or purse – wherever you know they will find it.
  2. Have something delivered then. It doesn’t have to be the typical Valentines Day gift – maybe tickets to an upcoming concert or sports event or their favorite meal for lunch at work.
  3. That evening, surprise them with a special gift. In anticipation, you can give a favorite photo of the two of you to an illustrator, have it framed, and present it before you go out to dinner.
  4. Come home or to either one of your places and have chocolate-covered strawberries and whipped cream ready for an amazing end to your date night.

You’re awesome!

2. Sign Up for a Couple’s Class

Couple’s class is a great Valentines Day idea for you two if you are not yet long into a relationship. You can sign up for a wine and painting, jewelry making, or pottery class and have a great time creating your pieces.

Finish the evening off with a nightcap at a cool, out-of-the-way pub that you like where you can continue some more intimate conversation.

3. Involve Other Friends

Socializing together is a great thing if your current squeeze is a new relationship and you are not ready to get deep into romance. Get some of those friends together and plan an adventure together.

Escape or rage rooms are perfect ideas.

After the activity, head to a karaoke bar and sing your favorite songs. You’ve had a casual yet fun way to celebrate with someone you are just starting with.

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4. Create a Bucket List

If your relationship is sort of midway between new and serious, here’s a great idea: simply grab some wine or other spirits, cook a comfort food meal (it is cold outside), and create individual bucket lists.

Once you are finished, see where items may coincide and schedule times to do at least one of them soon. A bucket list is more of a long-term idea that can keep the two of you active throughout the year.

5. Fire Up Your Own Kitchen

There are many more things to do in a kitchen than cook your valentine a nice meal. Sign up for an online cooking class, get the ingredients in advance, and make the meal together.

And speaking of food at your own place, how long has it been since you had chocolate fondue? Probably a while since it has fallen out of favor. But it’s making a comeback, and it’s not just chocolate. Cheese fondues are amazing.

How about a fondue while you fire up your partner’s favorite movie? It’s simple and relaxing. Not into fondue? Popcorn will do then, and just make it a movie marathon while you’re at it. Get a blanket or two and cuddle on up. It’ll be a perfect and comfy date night for you two.

6. Plan a Short Getaway

Of course, this can’t be a surprise if they need to take off work. But it can be if you plan it when you are both free, and it will be a bit different from the typical hotel/resort gig:

  • Reserve a scenic train ride instead
  • Stop at a quaint town and spend the night in an older hotel

It’ll be a Valentine’s Day you’ll both remember. Also, if you are both into winter sports, and a ski lodge with some amazing nightlife activities is not too far away, you’ll get bonus points.

7. Apartment Therapy

Reserve an in-home couples massage – what a way to loosen up and be completely relaxed before a late-night supper that you have ordered. The rest of the night? You and your partner are ready for anything.

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8. Breakfast in Bed

This may seem a bit trite. But you and your partner could cook together and head on back to share that breakfast in bed and maybe some more, you’ll have the perfect excuse to stay in bed until noon. And then – go for some active Valentine Day date activity from our list!

9. Take a Dancing Class

There are lots of clubs and organizations that offer dance classes in the evening. Have you and your significant other always wanted to learn to line dance?

Find a country-western club and go learn. There are also plenty of online classes you can access if you want to just stay home and have a night of dancing.

If you have a favorite playlist and already know how to dance, pull that up, mix up some drinks and snacks, and go for it. End the night with some slow music to put you in the mood. A perfect, intimate date night.

10. Consider Something Unique

How about a comedy show or even a burlesque show instead of the normal, routine, nights out? There are drama/musical departments at colleges that perform these. If there is a performing arts center in your area, check out what they have going on or near Valentine’s Day. A burlesque show is pretty sexy and can put you and your partner in the mood for things to come.

If you’d rather stay in, access a comedy show on your smart TV, or several. Couples who laugh together have better relationships overall.

Fun ideas on a Valentine's Day date night

2 Funny Valentine’s Day Ideas

Lots of people, both in long-term or newer partnerships would rather have fun on this romantic day, so they look for funny gift and activity ideas. Check out these bonus ideas if you don’t want anything serious for February 14!

1. Send Funny Bouquets

There are almost unlimited possibilities. Get online and find one that suits you. How about a salami bouquet for that man or a Lego bouquet? Most current florists offer a wealth of these unique bouquets.

2. Order Matching Underwear or Photo Socks or Other Fun Gifts

Almost any item can be imprinted with photos. Choose something unique – and don’t forget a furry critter.

Order a framed portrait of their pet child. For that Chinese food-loving partner, order some light-up chopsticks.

While it may take some creative thought, muse about what your partner’s interests and hobbies are, and try to come up with humorous gifts that are related.

Bonus Idea: Make This Day Dedicated to Service

On this day of romance and love, we often forget about those who don’t have a loved one or who are left out. How about you and your partner buy some heart-shaped cookies and visit a nursing home with some sweet treats and cards? Better yet? Make it a double date with another couple.

Head over to a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen with some sweet treats. While you’re at it, post your activity on your social media accounts and be an inspiration to others.

There are plenty of other volunteer opportunities that, once you begin, will become a regular thing for both of you. Over time, you’ll make a significant difference in many lives.

Valentine’s Day Ideas: So Many Possibilities (Even for a Single Person!)

If you can’t find something on this list that you’d like to try, then you might not be into Valentine’s Day at all. And that’s okay. But if you want to do something a bit different, pick something and just do it.

And you don’t have to be confined to activities just in your city. Join an online dating service, put in your preferences, and swipe slides of others who are matches. Start up a chat with one or two people – they’re obviously single on Valentine’s Day too. Who knows? It could be the start of something.

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