True Signs of a Taurus Man in Love

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20 May 2023
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16 True Signs of a Taurus Man in Love

When dating a guy, the more you know, the better. If you understand their personality, history, and values, including how their zodiac traits impact their behavior when they’re in love, you can interact with your partner at a deeper level. In this article, we’re going to focus on the Taurus man in love.

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Let’s take a deep dive into the Taurus guy and see what makes this earth sign tick. We’ll cover the signs that a Taurus man is falling in love, and how you can form a deep connection with a Taurus male.

A Bit About Taurus Men

A Taurus man is truly unique, and a Taurus man in love is something to behold. This fixed earth sign brings a hedonistic sensuality that makes him crave physical affection. He loves deeply, but also is a bit stubborn and possessive. Your Taurus man also takes great pride in his ability to be there for you. He is a consistent problem solver and thoughtful lover.

16 Signs Your Taurus Man Is in Love

16 Signs a Taurus Guy Is in Love With You

Has your Taurus guy gone over the edge and fallen for you? Here are some clear indicators that this zodiac sign absolutely loves you.

1. His Eyes Tell a Story

As a Taurus man falls deeper in love with you, he will communicate that through his eyes. When he is driven by physical attraction, his gaze will be intense. He’ll stare at you and won’t break his gaze, even when you catch him.

However, as lust turns to love, he’ll be a bit more self-conscious. Now, when you see him looking at you, his body language will close off a bit. He might blush and look away. This is because he is deeply sensitive, and worries that you might reject him.

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2. He Is Direct and Practical

This may seem weird, but don’t be surprised if a Taurus man hits you with a lot of very direct questions. He will ask you about your values, your goals, even your finances. This is off-putting, but he has a reason for this.

A Taurus guy is very protective of his heart. He won’t show his true feelings until he is confident that you two are very compatible. He is looking for forever, so he takes interest in every detail about you. However, once a Taurus man feels confident that you will click, there’s no end to his deep commitment to your relationship.

3. Your Taurus Man Draws You Into His Inner Circle

The typical Taurus guy will keep a close circle of friends and family around him. It’s so important to him to have all of the people he loves get along. When he has fallen for you, he will be eager to introduce you to his loved ones. It’s how a Taurus guy shows you and the rest of the world that he thinks you are truly the one.

Here’s something else to know about these fixed signs and their friends and family. These are solid, salt of the earth types. Their friends and family members count on them to go the extra mile when they need something. So, don’t be surprised when a Taurus man jumps at a moments notice to help a family member with an emergency or a friend with a project around the house.

4. He Has a Hard Time Letting Go

As you may be realizing, there are really no subtle signs a Taurus man is in love. He may not say the words very often, but this zodiac sign definitely exhibits behavior that makes it clear he is in love.

Here’s another example: Taurus men have a hard time letting you go when you are near. He hates to say goodbye. These earth signs will really go to great lengths to talk you into staying just an hour longer.

Unfortunately, a Taurus man may let his feelings go a bit too far. He may begin to feel a bit jealous and possessive over you. Be gentle, but don’t stand for that. He may be a stubborn bull, but he wants you to be happy. Once he knows you won’t tolerate his jealousy, particularly if it impacts your friends, he will learn to manage his behaviors.

5. A Taurus Guy Tends to Take Charge

When a man’s sun sign is Taurus, it changes his personality. And the more confident and close he feels about your relationship, the more this will shine through. This can lead to a conflict in personality traits, but there are ways to manage this.

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First, learn to understand your Taurus man and his areas of passion and expertise. When you’re dealing with something that is truly in his wheel house, step back and let him be in charge. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to create strong boundaries and assert yourself when you are the one who knows best. He is level headed enough to respect your strengths, and will be your loyal supporter when it’s your turn to step up.

6. He Performs Acts of Service

Friends, family members, and lovers know they can count on their Taurus man when they need help. If love languages are a real thing, his is definitely “acts of service“. Taurus men truly believe that making your life easier is the best way to show how much they love you. This bull sign will repair things around the house, pack your lunches for the week, and give you a ride to get your hair done.

Are you having car troubles? If he can’t fix it himself, he will make sure you get your vehicle to the best garage in town, and sit with you while you wait for the diagnostics.

A Taurus man gives thoughtful gifts

7. He Gives Thoughtful Gifts

A Taurus man will show the woman he loves his affection through exquisitely thoughtful gifts. It is a really big deal for him to give you items that are both useful and luxurious. This may also be his not-so-subtle way of showing you his financial security.

So, what can you expect in gifts from a Taurus man? To begin, he loves the finer things in life. When he pays for an item or experience, you can bet it’s going to be top tier. Whether it’s sumptuous meal, couple’s massage, or planning a perfect date he will spare no expense.

There’s also no denying the sensual nature of Taurus men. He will spend time with you intimately and pay very close attention to what you want. This may make you blush, but the expensive gifts he gives may be quite intimate. Don’t be surprised when he gifts you with sex toys, lube, or other sexy items. Rest assured that he wants you to feel secure in your sexuality, and that every item was carefully selected with your pleasure as a high priority.

8. A Taurus Man Makes and Keeps His Commitment

When a Taurus guy loves you, he takes that commitment seriously. He wants to demonstrate to you that he is dedicated every chance he gets. Your Taurus man will show up on time to your dates. If he promises to call you he will.

Just be aware of one drawback. When a Taurus man is in love he stays that way. So, if your relationship starts to crumble, be prepared to end it. Why? Because, until you do, he will hold onto hope that things will work out. Fortunately, a Taurus man is respectful, and if the woman he loves breaks it off, he’ll accept that.

9. Arguments Make a Taurus Guy Really Upset

One sign that a Taurus man is in love is that he hates to have disagreements of any kind with the woman he loves. A Taurus simply doesn’t know what to do when he is in conflict with anybody he loves. He will lose sleep and really struggle until he is able to talk things through with the one he loves.

10. He Is Physically Affectionate

Your Taurus man won’t be able to keep his hands off of you. In public, he’ll be constantly holding hands with you, and he can’t resist running his hands through your hair.

Also, a Taurus man likes nothing more than giving the woman he loves intense pleasure. He’s great with his hands, just ask him for a foot rub to see what he can do. Needless to say, he takes great pride in his ability to do amazing things in the bedroom. If you crave physical contact, a Taurus will not disappoint.

11. Taurus Men in Love Tend to Be Shy

If your Taurus man loves you, he may act super awkward around you. He may have a bit of a confident bravado around everybody else, but get quiet in your presence. This is a very good sign that he loves you and wants you to love him back. Don’t worry, in time he will feel like he is in his comfort zone when you’re nearby.

Taurus man values his time with you

12. He Gives You His Time and Wants Yours in Return

When a Taurus man loves you, he will gift you with all of his free time. In return, he really wants you to show the same level of dedication. Of course, this is one of those personality traits that can be a bit over the top. Don’t be afraid to let him know that you need to live your own life and that your close friends are also important to you.

Of course, the best way to get through to a Taurus isn’t to go on and on. Keep it simple and short. He always appreciates the Readers Digest version of a conversation.

13. Your Taurus Man Wants to Spend Quality Time at Home

When he’s in love, Taurus loves to spend time at home. He loves a comfortable space, and someone to share it with. He will light a fire in the fireplace, open a bottle of wine, and put whatever you want on Netflix. Of course, you should know that a Taurus man secretly likes sentimental movies and TV shows.

There is another side to a Taurus being a home body. While he will indulge in some areas, this tendency is a sign that he is a beat of a cheapskate. We think that’s perfectly fine! We’re perfectly happy to skip dinner and a movie out if it means we get to have a doting Taurus cooking our favorite meal and serving us dessert.

14. See Your Taurus Man Express Himself Even More

Would a Taurus man get up at karaoke night to sing you a love song? Maybe not, but you might catch him writing you a lengthy love letter or poem. He’ll definitely leave a romantic card for you to find.

No matter what he does to express himself, one of the signs that A Taurus is in love is that he becomes much more expressive. Simply put, he wants you to know that you are an important person in his life, and he wants this relationship to last.

15. A Taurus Guy Puts Effort Into Your Relationship

The loyal Taurus is someone who will pull out the stops to keep your relationship on the right track. If he is attracted to you, he is willing to make some significant lifestyle changes to make your relationship his number one priority. Once he finds his person and things move beyond the casual dating phase, he may be the most loyal partner you have ever experienced.

16. He Trusts You with His Deepest Feelings

You will know he loves you when his life becomes an open book. In fact, of all the signs Taurus loves you, this one is the most important. When it comes to love, this is a person who protects his heart at all costs, but once the walls come down, he goes all in on your relationship. So, when he shares his fears, dreams, and traumas take that as a sign of his deep devotion to you.

Connecting With This Intense And Sensual Earth Sign: 5 Best Matches for Taurus

Now, you know the signs that Taurus is in love with you, let’s figure out how to make a deep connection.

First, it may help to know which signs tend to get along best with Taurus and why. This will help you know which personality traits to emphasize when dating this earth sign.


Birthday: June 21 – July 22

A Cancer woman is emotional and affectionate. Also, she tends to be nurturing and warm for Taurus. This relationship will be full of lusty affection, amazing food, and cuddling.


Birthday: February 19 – March 20

Pisces women are fun and flighty. She makes dating a real adventure for a Taurus. Meanwhile, he keeps her calm and grounded. These two signs really balance one another out.


Birthday: October 23 – November 22

A Scorpio gal is intense and passionate. If his life is missing excitement, she is going to create some for him. Meanwhile, Taurus man becomes her safe place to land. It’s easy to see why these two are attracted, but jealousy can be an issue.


Birthday: December 22 – January 19

Taurus and Capricorn have a lot in common. They are both steady, pragmatic, and dedicated. According to astrology, this pair can accomplish anything together. For example, a Capricorn woman will help Taurus plan for his future by helping him get that bachelor’s degree. He will help her straighten out her finances and get out of debt.


Birthday: August 23 – September 22

Astrology says that Taurus and Virgo both seek balance. They also love material and sensual pleasures. The difference is that Virgo is a bit too pragmatic to tolerate his jealous nature. At the first or second sign of his possessiveness, and she may end things. Still, if he can control his impulses this can turn into something amazing.

Dating Ideas to Please a Taurus

A Taurus loves to feel good, and wants you to feel the same way. Keep that in mind if your single men dating plans include a Taurus. Be prepared to indulge your most hedonistic pleasures with him.

This is the time to go to that indulgent restaurant, and be sure to order dessert. Plan a picnic, but make it upscale with succulent seasonal fruit, French cheese, and an amazing bottle of wine. If you’re going to cook for him, we recommend something elegant and homey like coq au vin with plenty of crusty bread and followed up with a chocolate tart. Of course, oysters are always an amazing choice.

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What happens when you bring him home? Any astrology expert will tell you that comfort and luxury is key. Make your bed with some lush, high-thread count sheets. Bring out your softest blankets. Light some candles.

Taurus: An Affectionate And Loyal Lover

If you’re dating a Taurus, we hope you found this article helpful. You have connected with someone who is passionate, sensual, and indulgent.


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