The Perfect Shot: How to Take Dick Pics

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29 May 2024
8 min read
How to Take Dic Picks: The Perfect Sex Photo Art

Dick pics. It’s a touchy subject with much potential to rub people the wrong way. When the subject comes up, the conversation often focuses on the creepy, predatory side of things. That’s certainly important to talk about. But, there’s more to it. When a guy sends dick pictures, he makes himself vulnerable. That’s why we are here to discuss how to take dic picks.

What if she laughs? What if she rejects you entirely? What if she shares pics of your penis with her friends. What if sharing his nude photos just doesn’t create the spicy scene he envisioned? Even a kind rejection can sting.

It’s time to take a more balanced look at the topic of dick pics. Let’s talk about why you might go to send a dick pic, when you absolutely should not do that, and the art of taking an impressive picture of your penis.

How to take dic picks: tips and tricks

3 Reasons Why You Should Send That Dick Pic

Why would you want to send a dick pic to another person? Assuming, you’ve gotten the green light from your recipient, there are a few reasons.

1. It Can Make Hot Conversation Even Sexier

You’re texting your partner and things are getting steamy. She’s sent you some of her own racy pictures. Think how much this has you worked up right now. Wouldn’t this be a great time to give her something to talk about too? Sent at the right time, a dick pic can make sexting even better.

2. You Give Her Something to Crave

If your girlfriend sends you nude photos, you can enjoy those over and over again. That’s great for you, and serves as a reminder for what you were missing when she’s not around. She can get the same pleasure from your dick pics. So, why not give her a not so small reminder of what she has to look forward to the next time you see her.

3. Her Response to Your Dick Pic Can Be a Real Confidence Booster

If you learn how to take a good dick pic, her approval can be a real confidence boost. Even better, if she responds with some amazing photos of her own, or some fun, bold statements about what she intends to do when she encounters you in real life.

Don’t Send Unsolicited Dick Pics

“Right when I was about to close the computer and call it quits on torturing myself for the day, a new message pinged in the thread. Samuel had sent me a JPEG. I stared at it warily, knowing that from him there was a 50/50 chance it was either something horrifying or a dick pic though really, it was one in the same.”

Kayla Krantz, author

Women are divided about dick pics. Some would never prefer to receive one at all under any circumstances. Others get turned on when they receive a consensual dick pic.

But, there is one area where women are in full agreement. Nobody wants to receive an unsolicited dick pic under any circumstance. That’s never going to receive a good response, and it’s just a creepy thing to do.

So, how do you get her permission to send her a dick pic?

Do you always have to ask permission before you send her an x-rated photo of your penis?

When in doubt, the answer is yes. It only takes a few minutes to ask for permission before sending a dick pic. However, if sending nudes to one another is a standard part of your relationship, consent is implied.

If that isn’t the case, then you need to go ahead and ask. And respect it if she says no. Also, you’re sending a dick pic does not obligate her to send udes of her own.

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10 tips to take a good dic pick

10 Tips to Master the Art of Taking a Good Dick Pic

Now, let’s get down to what you’re here for. How to take a good dick pic! These tips will help guys on how to take dick pics and the best pictures of their bodies to send to women (but only those who ask).

1. Do Some Cleaning

When you send someone a picture of your nude body, you want them to focus on the right things. If things are messy, that won’t happen. You gotta make sure things are nice and tidy. Yes, we’re talking about your space, but also about your body.

Clean Your Space

Dirt and clutter don’t belong in any respectable dick pic. Throw the empty water bottles away. Wipe down your mirror. Put clean sheets on your bed. Clear up any clutter like those laptop charging cords, and other things you’ve got cluttering up your flat surfaces.

Pay attention to what might be in your photo background. That Rick and Morty poster may be hilarious, but is it the context you want to add to a bunch of close-up shots of your johnson?

Hygiene And Manscaping

If you want to take a good dick pic, hygiene and cleanliness are key. Take a shower. Put on some lotion. Trim those pubes. Put on your best underwear. Besides, that just-out-of-the-shower wet hair look is kinda sexy.

2. No Bathroom Selfies

Make no mistake, that long, nude, full-body shot is a classic dick pic for a reason. Plenty of women love that. You should definitely add it to your collection of best dick pics. Just don’t take that picture in the bathroom. It’s just not sexy. Mirrors are inexpensive. Buy a full-length one at a thrift store or get one that sticks to the back of your bedroom door.

3. Use a Wider Angle

The underlying message of the perfect dick pic should be, “I want you to want me”. It should never be, “Here’s a disturbing close-up of my dick and balls”. Do everybody a favor and back up a bit! You’re sexting, not submitting an image for your urologist to review.

4. Be Ready for Action – At Least Mostly

Do not send her a picture of your soft dick. That is not what she wants to see. Fully hard? Great! Semi erect? That’s actually kinda sexy too! But, do not ever send her a picture that basically says, “All that sexy talk we’re doing right now? Well, this is what it’s given me.”

5. Have Fun

Don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re here to take a dick pic not win a noble prize. Relax and enjoy the process. Be silly! She’ll appreciate you’re being funny more than she will some over-the-top seriousness and intensity.

6. Let Your Inner Artist Out

Did you take photography in school? What about the art class? Use what you’ve learned about positive and negative space, composition, perspective, etc. to get the best possible dick pic. Use shadows to create an interesting outline shot of your dick. Add some props to create a vibe like some wine glasses. Take your time to send her something you’ve put effort into.

7. Experiment

What’s the best angle to show off your cock? You won’t know until you’ve taken a variety of pictures. So, fill up your camera roll with images from different angles. Try a different background. Lay on your bed. Use the self timer function on your phone so that you can get into the right position. Throw some different colored sheets on your bed so you stand out. Then, choose the best dick pic out of the bunch.

8. Use Proper Lighting

Those sexy, professional nudes you see online? Those are good for a few reasons, and lighting is one of them. You know how bad lighting makes your face look terrible in video chat? The same thing applies when you’re trying to get good dick pics. Ideally you have considered lighting when you prepared earlier.

Obviously, this is a matter of timing. If it’s the middle night and you’re texting a person who wants to see your nudes, then you’re going to take a picture using the light you have. But, if you are taking pictures during the day, take advantage of that! Crack a blind to let in some natural light. Even better, if you can do it without scandalizing your neighbors, try to get some outside pics. Remember, the natural lighting of the golden hour can make your dick and balls look amazing.

If you can’t use natural lighting, other factors will matter more – like finding the right angle! You may also need to play with the camera settings on your phone a bit to make up for the lack of good lighting.

9. Consider a Video Instead

Some women are fine with a still shot. Others want to see some action. You could try sending her an action shot, but you may get a more favorable response with a video. Give her a true view of what she’s missing.

10. Try Different Poses

How do you wanna make you and your penis look the best? That depends. The best photo a guy can take is one where he feels happy and comfortable, which makes his body look amazing, and is what she wants to see.

This is a good reason to talk to the women you are with about what she likes and what turns her on. Don’t assume she just wants to see what you have sent to other girls. Watch porn together. Look at spicy content on the internet with her. Learn what’s hot in her mind. The last thing you want to do is send her a raunchy that might make her feel disrespected when what she really wants is something tasteful and artsy.

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Do I Need an Expensive Camera?

Absolutely not! You can take a great photo with the average smart phone. If you have some specialized equipment great. But, you don’t need much more than that. For example, a tripod or selfie stick might be helpful. Instead of spending a lot of money, take the time to learn how your camera works. When you know how to use it, you’ll be in the best position to take an amazing picture of your dick and balls.

What Turns Women Off

Do you know that trick where you pull down on your balls while gripping the base of your cock with your whole hand to make yourself look really big? Well, women know about that trick too, and they aren’t fooled. They mostly think it’s weird, and that you look like you don’t have any confidence when you do that. Relax. Most men are plenty big enough!

There are a couple of other things that women just don’t want to see, unless they explicitly ask for it.

  • Pictures or videos of you “finishing”
  • Dick pics followed by gross or crude comments
  • Bad timing – if sex isn’t the topic of conversation, it’s a safe bet she doesn’t want to see that right now
  • Sex photos from exes – seriously! She isn’t going to want you back because you send her a raunchy photo

Be Safe!

Decades ago, you didn’t have to spend much time worrying about where your nude shots might end up. Now, men are at risk of having photos of their dicks spread around to the wrong people. You’re putting something very intimate out there. Take a moment to think before you hit send. You don’t want something that happened while you are an active bachelor to come back in the future. So:

  • Be sure you have a genuinely trusting relationship with the other person
  • Get explicit consent – don’t assume
  • Take a moment to talk about what you will both do with the images – like deleting at the end of the convo!
  • Ensure the other person protects their devices – do you really want to send photos like this to a person who is constantly downloading viruses or getting hacked?

As the saying goes, think with your big head, and use a bit of common sense. You’ll both be glad you did.


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