Ryan and Sarah

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01 Mar 2023
10 min read
Ryan and Sarah

I honestly have a pretty boring story compared to a lot of people. I wasn’t some devious prankster, I wasn’t a guy who hated using dating apps. I wasn’t even someone with a dark story, or any sort of weird wants or needs for anyone who wanted to date me. 

I was always pretty genuine in my profile. I just wanted a girl who I could connect with on an emotional level. Who I could support and who could support me. In fact, I never got a lot of messages because I’m pretty sure that everyone thought that I was boring. 

There were no interesting gimmicks, stories, or jokes with me. What you got was me in my purest form. A simple guy, who wanted a simple life, and who wanted someone to love more than anything else in the world. 

Well, after being ghosted for the 50th time I decided to try messaging just one more girl, and let me tell you I heard that opposites attract but this was the first time I actually believed it. Sarah was everything I was not. She was friendly, and popular, loved to make jokes, and loved themes and gimmicks. I honestly couldn’t believe that I was actually messaging her. 

She told me that she loved the fact that I was so real, and that she had actually wanted to message me for a while. We went on a date and the rest is history. Meeting was the best thing to happen.


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