Is Aries Man in Love? Here’s How to Tell!

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17 May 2023
10 min read
How to Tell If an Aries Man Is in Love

You’ve been seeing an Aries guy, and your feelings are definitely growing. Now you want to know how this fire sign feels about you. Is your Aries man in love? It’s time to find out.

You know his zodiac sign, and that is helpful. Now, you can dive into information about the average Aries man, his personality traits, and how he might subtly show his partner that he is in love.

Zodiac Signs and Romance

Many people look to astrology when they are trying to navigate romantic relationships. People may be sceptical about zodiac, but it is a very old method of understanding people used across the whole world.

We don’t recommend anyone rely on this entirely. However, it can be fun and educational to study how a person’s sun sign might impact who they are attracted to and how they act when they are in love.

One thing to keep in mind when you are considering a relationship with someone that these traits are often tendencies. Don’t expect an Aries man will exhibit these characteristics in any extreme. In fact, there are plenty of Aries men who don’t show any of the personality traits that are typically associated with their sign. So, use this information for insights, fun, and as the background to asking right questions.

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7 Aries Man Traits: Understanding Him

Is an Aries man in love? Before you decide this, you should understand Aries men and what makes them tick. Here are some key personality characteristics that truly define the Aries man and how he interacts with others.

1. Aries Men Are Impulsive

An Aries man definitely has the tendency to act without much thought. On the positive side, if he wants something, he goes for it. That bravery serves him well. On the other hand, his impulsivity can lead to reckless behavior and regrets. That can be a lot to tolerate in a romantic relationship.

2. An Aries Man Tends to Be a Bit Self-Centered

An Aries man will often think of himself and his own needs as a first instinct. However, this isn’t a huge deal as long as you are willing to communicate your needs and stand up for yourself. However if you are happiest with an intuitive lover who doesn’t need to be reminded that they should consider you, then an Aries may not be the highest on your compatibility list.

3. They Are Competitive

Aries was the God of war in mythology. It should come as no surprise that they bring passion and intensity that makes them very competitive. They may have a tough time letting go even in friendly challenges. Many Aries men are into sports, playing well into adulthood.

Additionally, your Aries man might feel competitive with your friends and others for your affections. This can lead to jealousy.

Fortunately, if you want to date a successful person, an Aries man might be a good choice. That competitive nature can translate into career success.

4. Aries Men Are Passionate

Aries men love sex. They also have very strong opinions on most issues. They have a zest for life that is driven by both their tendency to get emotionally attached to their beliefs along with an intrinsic childlike curiosity.

5. Your Aries Guy is a Thrill Seeker

Chances are, your Aries man is an adrenaline junkie. He craves action and a bit of danger. Forget about making your Aries man miss that trip cliff diving or rock climbing. He just can’t live without those exciting things in his life. There’s simply very little that Aries men are afraid of.

6. Aries Men Are Natural Leaders

What do you get when you have someone who is confident, brave, smart, and opinionated? Of course you get a natural leader who is energetic and willing to take risks. If he is passionate about his career, an Aries man will quickly make his way up the ladder. Fortunately, if he can surround himself with the right people, he’ll have a team that thinks the world of him.

7. An Aries Man’s Personality Clashes With People Pleasers

According to most astrology experts an Aries man will not get along with people pleasers. They simply don’t relate to the shy person who is terribly worried what other people might think. An Aries man’s demeanor simply doesn’t understand that line of thought. Often, they become frustrated with what they see as compromising principles are showing weakness in relationships. They get along better with people who are truly on board with them, or who are bold enough to challenge them. Want to turn on an Aries man? Tell him he’s wrong.

Traits of Aries man in love

11 Signs Aries Men Are in Love

Let’s get down to it! Here are the signs an Aries man is falling in love.

1. An Aries Man Might Actually Compromise With You

As single men, Aries aren’t really known for their ability to compromise. They tend to have a one track mind, and won’t stop until they get what they want. However, that all changes when they are in love. That’s because their desire to make you happy is equally strong.

2. He Will be The Perfect Date

One good thing about dating an Aries man is that his intense and passionate nature leads him to pull out all of the stops. He simply can’t settle for providing you with anything other than an amazing experience. His highly romantic planning will ensure that every detail from dinner to entertainment is absolutely perfect.

3. You Will See His Protective Side

Aries keeps a small circle, but when he falls in love, you will see signs of his dedication. He cherishes his loved ones. The thought of anything happening to them is just unbearable to him. He will do almost everything to protect you once he sees you as his partner.

4. An Aries Will Share His Thoughts And Dreams

As Aries sensitive side begins to emerge, you will see his walls come down. When this man is in love, he will confide in you about his dreams, fears, and deepest thoughts. Just know that if you want a healthy relationship with him, you must be discrete. He allows very few people in his life, but he truly needs to know he can trust them.

5. He Will Integrate You Into His Life

When an Aries man is involved in serious relationships, he is quick to make you a key part of his life. He will introduce you to his mother, plan his vacation schedule around yours, and ensure you get an invite to the next family gathering. He may even remake his bed for your comfort. Just be aware that he may expect you to include him in your free time as well.

6. Surprisingly He Might Hold Back on Physical Contact

As intense as they are, you might think a relationship with an Aries would be all sex all the time. The good news is that it can be if you want it to be. However, he tends to believe the woman should take the lead on this. Don’t expect him to rush you into bed. He’s just highly respectful, and wants every passionate moment to be ideal for you. So, be prepared to make the first move!

7. Aries Can’t Keep His Eyes Off of You

While Aries is bold in so many ways, he becomes quite shy when he is truly interested in a woman. That’s why one of the signs of his love is his gaze. You will catch him looking at you adoringly, and just wait until you catch that smile on his face. He may not put his feelings into words, but you will know he is falling for you.

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8. You Become His Top Priority

Once Aries is in love and is confident of your compatibility, you will be the first person he considers in every decision he makes. That’s because he wants to build a future with you, and would hate for you to think he doesn’t care about you. As far as he is concerned, you are his lover, his best friend, and part of his family.

9. Aries Has a Way With Words

You will get a clear sign of his love when you receive that first romantic text. He truly has a way with words, and he’ll spend hours composing a heartfelt message just for you.

10. He Buys You New Things

Aries works hard for his money, and he believes in rewarding himself for those efforts. When he is in a romantic relationship, he tends to make the woman he loves the beneficiary of his generosity. Be prepared to be gifted with many thoughtful and luxurious new things.

11. Aries Asks Your Opinion When The Man is in Love

You can bet that if he is in love, he’ll wait to learn your feelings before he makes any major decisions. In his mind, your lives are now intertwined, and he’s not making a move without your feedback. Remember that compatibility is very important to an Aries. So, he already sees you as a woman who is smart and driven. The best thing you can do is be direct and honest with him. He’ll appreciate that so much more than he will being agreed with for agreement’s sake.

Famous And Sexy Aries

If you truly want to understand an Aries man, check out this list of Aries celebrities. It’s easy to see how this first sign in the Zodiac can achieve greatness when you look at these personas.

  • Robert Downey Jr
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Cole Hauser
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Pedro Pascal
  • Russel Crowe
  • Jim Parsons
  • Seth Rogan
  • Colin Powell
  • Brendan Urie
  • Ryan Lewis

It’s easy to see the talent and intensity here. However, this list also makes it clear that the Aries man loves the spotlight, but not always sharing it. He’s also very rarely shy.

4 Best Zodiac Signs For an Aries Man

Who matches best with the intense and energetic Aries? If you are one of these signs, you have a great chance.

1. Libra

What makes Libra a great match? Libra women and Aries guys create a very passionate combination. There is very much an opposites attract dynamic happening here. He’ll love the challenge of this relationship.

2. Capricorn

Like Aries, a Capricorn is driven and achievement oriented. So, they understand the dedication an Aries has to his job and hobbies.

3. Gemini

Gemini are active, fun, curious, and have a natural optimism about them. Because of this, their lives tend to fit right into that of an Aries.

4. Aquarius

Aquarius and Aries tend to have a lot of sexual chemistry. However, their personalities tend to be wrong for a long term relationship with one another. Instead, this pair is much better off as close friends.

What if you aren’t one of these signs, but you still have strong feelings? Should you be afraid that a romance could never work? Absolutely not. When it comes down to it, while air signs have an advantage, it’s all about your personality.

For Aries, the best partner is someone who is either very much like him or very much is opposite. Are you cute, nurturing, and a homebody? If yes, he will fall in love.

Conversely, he will also fall deeply for a bluntly honest career woman who approaches life with the same tough intensity as him.

How to date an Aries man

Love an Aries Man? Here Are Some Dating Tips

Let’s be honest. He’s most likely to fall in love with your sense of adventure and imagination. So, bring the excitement from your first date on. Check out these ideas, they are all on point for creating an amazing experience for you and your Aries guy.

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Head to an Amusement Park

This is virtually guaranteed to be a hit. He’ll love the competition of the carnival style games on the midway, and the thrill of the rides. You can be he will also insist on treating you to all of the food and prizes you want. Additionally, you can chat and get to know each other as you walk from one ride to the next.

Anything Out of Doors

Chances are, he treasures the time he can spend outside. So, the beach, hiking trails in the forest, or even some urban exploration are all great options. Whatever you choose, plan for a challenging day. You just know he’s going to push himself, and you, to go further, faster, and higher.

Opening Night at The Theater

As action-oriented and competitive as he is, he also enjoys the finer things in life. Something like a theater opening where he can look his finest with you on his arm is a superb choice.

A Fancy or Adventurous Dinner

Is there a Michelin rated restaurant in your town? What about an exciting pop-up brought by one of the hottest chefs on the local dining scene? If he’s a foodie, do some research and plan a date around an unforgettable meal.

An Arcade For Grown Ups

Let’s get back to his fun and competitive nature. Vintage arcades are all the rage now. So are arcades that are geared towards the over 21 crowd. You and he can enjoy hours of fun competition followed by some microbrews or a great bottle of wine.

Is Love With a Passionate Aries in The Stars?

We can’t guarantee that your romance with an Aries will turn into love. However, now you can recognize the signs that his feelings for you are deep, and take steps to build a strong romance with this fiery man.


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