Does He Love Me? Quiz Will Give You an Answer!

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14 Jun 2023
10 min read
Does He Love Me Quiz: Read His Mind!

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Does he love you, or is it something else? In your head, it might be the real thing. But at the same time, you can be concerned that you are reading too much into things. To know for sure, pass our “Does He Love Me” quiz!

How Do You Know If It Is Love?

Does he love me? Does he really love me? These questions tend to come up at least once in every relationship, whether you just started dating or have managed to maintain a long-distance relationship. There are times when the anxiety of life begins to get to us and we start to second-guess every aspect of our lives.

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You may understand that the guy loves you, however, your feelings may not seem to absorb this fact without some established pattern. This quiz is not a definitive way for you to tell, but it will give you some idea of what you need to look for now or in the future.

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Does He Love Me: Quiz Questions

How does he really feel? Take a look at these scenarios and imagine how he might behave. This will really let you know where his heart is. Pay attention to which answer you get for each question – A, B, or C.

1. You find yourself feeling incredibly anxious and lonely lately. When you call him, he’s extremely busy and can’t come right away. What does he do?

A. He tells you not to worry and then says what time he will be done and what time he will be able to spend time with you.

B. He apologizes for not being able to be with you when you need him and schedules a time to spend with you when he is free.

C. He says that you are being ridiculous and that you’re distracting him from his work.

2. You lost an item that was really special to you and you cannot find it anywhere. What does he do to help?

A. He drops what he is doing and begins to look everywhere for it until he can find it.

B. He asks you what it was and what it looks like and goes to the internet to buy a replacement.

C. He tells you that it’s bound to show up somewhere and that he’s not wasting any time looking for a trinket that you should have been more careful with.

3. You come absolutely exhausted from a long day of work and you cannot find the energy to get the chores for the done completed. What does he do for you?

A. He comes over and helps you get the most important things done and tells you that it’s ok for you to wait until the next day to get the other things done. When you compliment his efforts, he tells you that’s what you do when you’re in love.

B. He invites you to his house and orders some cheap but tasty food so that you can put off those chores until tomorrow.

C. He offers to help you – but when he gets there, he just watches TV and ‘helpfully’ reminds you of the work you still need to finish whenever you try to rest.

4. It’s your birthday! What is he most likely to do for you on this special day?

A. He gets together with your friends and plans a special birthday celebration just for you.

B. He hands you a gift bag filled with a random assortment of things. Most of them still have clearance tags on them. However, it’s all stuff that you said you wanted or that you really liked.

C. He hands you a generic card with nothing written in it. Or a gift card for a store that you never even go to.

5. Scenario: You are both at a new restaurant and you order a strange new dish that sounds delicious. You ask the waiter if it contains an ingredient you are allergic to, and they say no. But, when you get the dish, you discover that it does have the ingredient that you are allergic to in it. You don’t want to bother the waiter, and you notice that your boyfriend’s dish does not have this ingredient. But, your dish is made from a food that he doesn’t really like. What does he do?

A. He calls the waiter over and politely asks them to send the food back and get you something that you are not allergic to.

B. He offers to split his meal with you and tells you to not worry about the dish you were given and that it was an honest mistake.

C. He tells you should have made absolutely sure that the dish didn’t contain that ingredient and continues to eat while you sit.

6. You post something about a highly-charged political topic that is meaningful to you. In it, you express some very personal feelings. His brother responds with a mansplaining rant that doesn’t just demean you, but women in general. It’s hurtful enough that you delete the post and decide to take a break from social media for a few days. How does he react when you chat about it later?

A. He apologizes for his brother’s boorish behavior and thanks you for talking with him about it. While he won’t cut his bro out of his life, he speaks to him about his behavior. The brother apologizes for his thoughtless words and you feel confident that you’ve been heard.

B. He assures you that his brother’s opinion don’t matter. He’s just a troll. As a show of support, your boyfriend also posts about this topic and makes it clear he is on your side.

C. He rolls his eyes at you and asks why you care. It shouldn’t matter to you what his brother says. Besides, why would you post on social media if you are that sensitive and worried about what people think.

7. You work nights and want to sleep late. Unfortunately, your boyfriend keeps waking you up early as he gets ready for school. You love him, but this makes you noticeably grumpy. How does he respond when you ask him to sleep at his own house on school nights?

A. He thanks you for telling him, and is fine with your request. Although, he does suggest that he could nap on your couch to avoid disrupting your life and rest. He didn’t realize that he was quite so loud in the morning. He assures you that you guys will still spend plenty of time together on the days he isn’t in school.

B. He apologizes for being loud. However, in the interest of spending as much time together as possible, he offers to buy you some ear plugs or a white noise machine. These are practical gifts he’s willing to give his girl to spend more time together.

C. He complies with your request, but is noticeably huffy about it. Shouldn’t you be more concerned about spending time with him than getting a few minutes of shut eye? How will you survive being married if these little things bother you so much? At the end, you feel as if you’ve been talked to like a little kid.

8. You are planning a special dinner with him. On the night you are supposed to go out, you find out that your grandmother is in the hospital. You need to see her right away. How does your boyfriend respond when you tell him you have to cancel?

A. He uses his words to tell you that while he is disappointed, he also understands that family is important and that you shouldn’t be afraid to cancel on him in situations like this.

B. He makes it obvious that he feels disappointed but also seems to be giving you sound advice on how to deal with a family member being in the hospital.

C. He tells you that you are crazy for wanting to cancel something you both have planned for so long and that you need to focus on him.

9. One of his friends decides to play a cruel prank and tries to convince you that he’s cheating by showing you a picture of him talking to a strange woman at a cafe. What does he do when you ask him about the picture?

A. He tells you the truth about who the woman is, whether it be a business partner, a relative, or somebody else.

B. He tells you that she’s nobody and that you’re the only girlfriend he has.

C. He tells you are behaving like a child by even bringing something like this up. You need to think more clearly before accusing the guy you love that he’s a cheater.

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10. You are throwing a party and have all of your friends over. You start to talk with one of his friends, and find that he’s actually a very fun and interesting guy. However, once your boyfriend is out of earshot, the friend begins behaving inappropriately. You don’t want to call him out loud so you wait until everyone has left to talk with your boyfriend about it. How does he respond?

A. He listens to you and asks you to elaborate on the little details so he fully understands what happened. He then tells you that you don’t have to wonder about that person anymore and ends his relationship with them.

B. He answers by telling you that you should have said something was wrong earlier and apologizes that someone he felt so close to gave you such a hard time.

C. He tells you that you are being too sensitive by letting yourself get all emotional over a guy joking and that you need to figure out how to laugh at stuff like this. You realize he rarely supports you when you are upset.

Quiz Results

You know he’s interested, but is it truly love? These results will help you get past the doubts you feel and uncover the truth.

Mostly As

If you answered mostly A’s, the answer is clear. He absolutely does love you. Each time you talk with each other, about life, or the future, he listens as you are important to him. He validates your feelings and never leaves you wondering to the point that you feel the need to take a “Does he love me quiz”.

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While this should give you hope, there are some things to consider in the long run. Is he more invested in the relationship than you are? He’s definitely a catch, but his self-sacrificing nature could lead to you feeling guilty if things don’t work out.

Our Take: This could be the guy of your dreams, or at least an intense crush. You clearly matter to him. Just be sure you don’t get his hopes up while you are trying to figure out exactly how you feel about him.

Mostly Bs

Is it love? Not quite, but it is very close to it. It’s obvious that he’s not willing to sacrifice everything for you, he doesn’t exactly understand your feelings and may even forget important things until the last minute. He still understands your feelings and takes care of your emotional well-being. His interest could definitely increase, but that’s not guaranteed.

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This could be a good thing. As your relationship evolves, it could turn to true love. At the same time, there’s not much danger of the two of you becoming too intertwined and codependent. Right now, you may be in the “trying to figure things out stage”.

Our Perspective: If it’s early in your relationship, don’t buy trouble worrying too much about the little things. He treats you great and clearly respects you. Later, you can worry about whether he is interested in marriage or simply sees this as a fun crush on someone he genuinely likes.

Mostly Cs

You have a good reason to be taking this quiz and questioning his love for you. While this doesn’t mean he does not care about you at all, it’s obvious that he sees you as more of a nuisance when you seek reassurance or affirmation from him. He may be in this relationship for the sex, or simply wants to keep things at a surface level.

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You both may work ok as friends but love is something that seems to be missing from this relationship. Chances are, you were already beginning to doubt his feelings before you even started this quiz.

Our Advice: Stick around if you want to have a bit of fun, but don’t hurt your own feelings by expecting a future with this guy.

Is it Love?

Love is both a noun and a verb. That makes sense, because a person can claim to love you, but fail to show that in any action they choose to take. If he talks a good game, but won’t put the work into your relationship, is it really love? Hopefully, these quiz results will help to answer any questions you have about his true feelings. After all, you deserve a partner who shows he is committed to showing his love.

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