Appreciating a Platonic Soulmate

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24 Feb 2023
10 min read
How to Identify Your Platonic Soulmate

While it is practically impossible for one to describe the essence of love and its nature, we all have different ways and signatures to express it. That’s why it’s possible for a person to love differently, making a lover, a friend and a platonic soulmate.

The term “soulmate” defines a person in your life with whom you share energies, purpose, and attraction. Love manifests in many forms, so it is possible to completely love different people at a time.

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The Essence of Love

You’ve heard of the term soulmates since you were young, but it was viewed from a romantic point of view. But as we grew up, we’ve met lots of people and made a tonne of friends, and a couple of best friends.

There are friendships that were more, but you didn’t know how to describe such a connection. Well, these are platonic soul connections, some of the most fulfilling connections we will experience in life.

What Are Platonic Relationships?

According to Diana Raab Ph.D, platonic relationship is the connection full of spirituality, based on common interests and similar worldviews. This way, platonic love is a profound affection for a friend to whom you are not attracted sexually or romantically. However, the friendship will exhibit the basic signs of love, such as honesty, care, trust, and mindfulness.

A soul mate doesn’t have to be only one person in your life. It is possible to have more than one soulmate throughout your life and still have a romantic soulmate.

Understanding a Platonic Connection – What It Isn’t

Honestly, such a connection can be quite confusing at first, especially when it involves the opposite gender. To better understand this relationship, we must know what it’s not.

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A platonic soul mate is not a person with whom you share a failed romantic love history. Also, they are not:

  • A crush
  • A person you’ve friend-zoned
  • A fling
  • A rebound
  • Friends with benefits

Partners in this type of friendship have a mutual understanding that it can never evolve into something passionate. Unlike the common friendships we create each day, platonic soulmates have clearly defined boundaries that outline what their relationship is and isn’t.

What You Should Know

Now that we know what platonic soulmates aren’t, it becomes easier to understand the soul connection in such a relationship. A soul mate is defined by the feeling and energies you share, not just the time you spend together. Unlike what most people believe, you don’t have to share a lifetime for it to be authentic. For spiritual people, soul mates can also be described as a twin flame.

Platonic soul mates are equally important in your lives as romantic soul mates. Like other friendships, they help us go through life without the complications of romantic intimacies. It is possible to meet new soul mates throughout your life, regardless of your age or stage in life, and such connections always seem to transcend the earth plane.

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Are Best Friends My Soul Mates?

Contrary to what most people believe, your best friend doesn’t have to be your platonic soul mate. These companion soul mates are great for our souls, regardless of how long they last.

Such connections seem to go deeper than a friendship, becoming an almost spiritual bond. According to Plato, such feelings of love go beyond the personal self, and understanding brings out the best in both of you. However, you are not romantically involved, and the relationship is not meant to cater to your carnal needs and desires.

“Erotic love is fierce and wild; the love of friends is more familial (as in healthy families), contained, unconditional, balanced, and tame … But when friendship becomes both familial and wild, we have a dangerous animal on our hands.”

Mark Matousek, Psychology Today

Although feelings of sexual attraction are bound to occur once in a while, these kinds of soul mates share a soul connection that transcends comprehension. It can neither be a friendship nor a romantic attraction, and no one harbors any hard feelings toward the other.

So, how can you tell if you’ve found your platonic soul mate? Can you recognize one from the people around you? Here are signs you’ve found or already met your platonic soulmate.

Key signs of platonic soul connections

15 Signs You’ve Found One

1. Instant Recognition

When you meet your platonic soulmate, you will feel like you instantly recognize them, even though you might be meeting them for the first time. Once you’ve found your platonic soulmate, you’ll feel like your soul recognizes them and might feel like you miss them. It’s as if you share a past life with them.

2. You Always Get Each Other

With a romantic partner, you’re always learning something about them, and it might not be something you like or agree with. On the other hand, the recognition among platonic soulmates is a never-ending process. They always seem to understand each other, and you’ll resonate with your soulmate to a level you feel comfortable around them at all times.

3.  You Always Have Something to Talk About

Whether you’ve been together for just a few hours or the entire day, you’ll always have something to discuss. Conversations between you and your soul mate are effortless, and you never struggle to find an interesting topic. Everything you talk about is always interesting, and these conversations inspire and energize you.

In addition, you share a mutual understanding, so you never have to explain your context. In addition, they are always attentive when you speak.

4. You’re Always There for Each Other

Life can get hectic and demanding, and it might be hard to sustain a relationship. However, platonic soul mates make time for each other and will always be there to lend a listening ear and a helping hand.

Regardless of what you might be going through or dealing with, your platonic soulmate is your go-to person for comfort and support. They are the first person you want to tell everything to, and you’ll know they’ll offer the support you require and they know the right words to make you feel better.

Alternatively, they are always ready to give you space when you need it. Suppose you are going through a challenging time or emotionally tasking situation. In that case, they’ll be there for you at all times.

5.  Silence is Comfortable and Homey

It is natural for friends to experience an awkward silence when they hang out. However, in a platonic relationship, you can both hang out in silence and enjoy its pleasant peace.

Silence feels natural when you are with your platonic soul partner, and you don’t have to stress about keeping the conversation going with meaningless small talk. Platonic friends are easier to chill with since the two of you are content in each other’s presence. Sitting silently does not feel like you’re trapped.

6.  Acceptance Is Unconditional

No human is perfect, but that doesn’t make them hard to love. A platonic relationship is often an effortless connection through mutual acceptance of each other. A platonic soulmate has seen you at your lowest. They know your flaws but still, make you feel accepted and special.

7.  You Can Always Be Yourself

Sometimes, it’s tough to be authentic around people, even with our romantic partners. However, once you meet your platonic soul mate who loves and accepts you for who you are, there’s really no need to change who you are or how you behave.

The strong connection you share with platonic soulmates allows you to appreciate each other’s flaws and  strengths. If anything, they wouldn’t want you to change because your personality is why you found each other.

8.  You Help Each Other Become Better

Although you two might be platonic soul mates, you still come from different backgrounds and life experiences. This means you have a lot to learn from each other. Having a lot in common does not necessarily mean that you can’t learn from each other.

In whatever situation you’re in, there’s always an answer you haven’t considered, and your platonic soulmate will bring it to your attention. Despite your past life, you get to grow and learn simply by being in each other’s lives. Your platonic soulmate positively influences your life, and their presence reflects on your well-being, mental health, and overall happiness.

In addition, a platonic soulmate will always push you to be a better person. They will constantly challenge you and get you out of your comfort zone to be your best self.

9.  You Can Predict Each Other’s Thoughts

Although romantic soulmates tend to be on the same wavelength, platonic ones share a profound connection on the soul level that’s very intimate and strong. As such, it’s easier for you to predict or sense their line of thought in different situations. You can predict their reactions, feelings, and thoughts at any time.

10.  You’re Each Other’s Cheerleader

When someone is your platonic soulmate, they become your personal cheerleader. When something exciting happens, platonic soulmates are the first people you want to share with. They are genuinely happy for you and never get jealous or envious of your growth or success.

Even if you’re both competitive by nature, they remain supportive companions who will always take the time to celebrate your accomplishments.

11.  Your Personalities Complement Each Other

One sure sign that you’ve found your soulmate is how much you complement each other. Most close friendships are based on the similarities of the individuals.

On the other hand, platonic soul mates don’t have to be alike, but neither are they opposites. For instance, a spontaneous individual will be soulmates with someone who loves to plan and create schedules. As such, you both bring different strengths, thus making your bond even stronger. Such a friendship balances by bringing out the best qualities from each of you.

Platonic soulmates are always having fun with each other

12. You Have Fun No Matter What You’re Doing

A significant factor that makes for a special relationship is that you never get bored of each other, despite what you’re doing. Most friendships are only fulfilling when doing something interesting. Otherwise, it becomes almost nonexistent without the constant buzz of activity.

But when you are with a platonic soulmate, you can sit quietly and enjoy each other’s company despite what you are doing. You don’t have to dress up all the time and go to fancy places for your activities to be fun.

13. Your Friendship Came Naturally

In a romantic relationship, one partner often has to do the heavy lifting and pursue their beloved. On the other hand, a platonic soulmate relationship is a soulmate connection that comes naturally with minimal effort, and it’s usually at a time when you least expect it.

Your instant connection was similar to a love-at-first-sight experience, and you did not experience the awkward stage that is common for most newly formed friendships.

Your friendship is an unexplainable connection that grows naturally and only gets deeper as your friendship continues to blossom. This type of bond allows you to click on all levels, so you can even finish each other’s sentences.

14. You Share the Same Sense of Humor

It’s only fair that you’ll share the same sense of humor with your platonic soulmate. This means that you laugh at the same things and crack similar jokes. You also share a load of inside jokes, and the two of you are constantly laughing.

15.  You Feel Empty When You’re Away from Each Other

It might be impossible to explain, but you can sense something is missing if your best friend and soulmate are away from you. This is among the strong signs you’ve found your platonic soul mate.

Regardless, your friendship does not suffer from long distances away from each other. You might miss each other, but that does not take anything away from your bond.

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Your Platonic Soul Mate Rocks!

Love can manifest in many forms, and that’s why we are able to sustain different relationships throughout our lives. Finding a platonic soulmate is a dream come true for many people, and it allows us to experience a friendship that transcends our physical and emotional states.

Have you found your platonic soulmate? Can you place particular friendships in your past as platonic soul mates? Share your experiences with us. We would love to hear from you.

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