8 Signs a Karmic Relationship Is Ending

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12 Oct 2023
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8 Clear Signs a Karmic Relationship Is Ending: How to Heal?

The karmic relationship feels like never before. Things are so intense: you are doing and saying things that are so out of character because this new person is causing you to experience emotions you never have before. It’s amazing and addicting. At the same time, you know this is not your forever person. You feel like you are on a journey to self-discovery, but you don’t remember signing up and you feel not OK. If that’s your case, we have good news for you – it’s one of the signs a karmic relationship is ending.

Here’s a dive deep into what a karmic relationship is, its signs to be aware of, and how you will know this is a doomed karmic relationship.

What Are Karmic Relationships?

“Soulmate relationships are never complicated, difficult, or dramatic. True soulmates are like long-lost puzzle pieces that easily fall into place when they are found. And it’s always a perfect fit.”

Anthon St. Maarten

Karmic relationships are just what you think they might be. The idea is that those who are meant to learn a lesson will be connected with karmic partners. If things work according to the stars, these pairings are always painful and intense but lead to deep personal growth.

Some people believe that a karmic relationship is about unresolved karma. Karmic relationships tend to be a tool for burning off karma you have earned in this life or past lives. Others think that people form a karmic bond to learn from one another.

Maybe you have a karmic debt to repay. Maybe you have just connected with that one person with whom you form an intense spark. It could simply be about unresolved issues on both sides.

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Karmic relationship signs

7 Things That Happen in a Karmic Relationship

No two karmic relationships are the same. Still, people experience many of the same things. Before you realize you are looking at signs that a karmic relationship is ending for you, you will notice these things about your connection.

1. You May Predict Your Future Karmic Connection

It can come from your dreams, or you may get a strange feeling that your connection with them is starting to fade away. Either way, you know to trust your gut when these things start to fall into or out of place, and you know that the karmic relationship is ending.

2. It Truly Falls Into Place

This may sound positive – as long as your karmic relationship lasts. But once you start distancing from each other, you may feel like you’re losing a major part of your heart.

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3. You Can’t Get Enough

Karmic relationships are great. However, there are some unhealthy relationship dynamics that you may find yourself aware of. When the relationship progresses way too quickly or you find yourself struggling to be away from your partner, this may be one of the signs a karmic relationship is ending.

4. A Cycle of Drama And Falling Back in Love Begins

When in a healthy karmic relationship, you and your partner should feel a deep connection with one another that doesn’t change or fluctuate very much. However, when you notice strange mixed feelings towards your karmic partner, such as bouts of hatred that almost forcibly transform back to love. You and your karmic partner may be done with the relationship.

5. You Realize: This Is No Longer a Healthy Relationship

A relationship that only benefits or serves one person and stunts the personal growth of another is a relationship that is not healthy. The karmic cycle is supposed to help the personal growth of two people who are connected. This means that karmic partners are supposed to help each other with their growth and emotional well-being.

If your partner constantly puts you in emotional turmoil or stunts that growth, it’s no longer a karmic relationship but an unhealthy one instead.

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6. You Are in Over Your Head

Normally, you have it together. You can handle your relationships, even when things go south. But this isn’t any relationship. It is a karmic relationship. You are being pulled, kicking, and screaming towards personal growth, and that’s a challenge to your balance.

Karmic relationships aren’t healthy or even normal bad relationships. Anything you would do to save or improve it doesn’t work. Everything you do to make a karmic relationship work seems to blow up in your face.

7. It’s Time to End It

This is it. Finally, you achieve some level of emotional detachment that gives you the perspective you need. The intense chemistry with a karmic partner defining your relationship’s beginning is gone, and only negative energy is left behind. Maybe you two had some past life connections, but you deserve inner peace.

This karmic connection served its purpose, although you and a therapist might take years to determine what that is. You know now that there are no more valuable lessons to learn. It’s time to move on.

Signs a karmic relationship is ending

8 Signs That Your Karmic Relationship Is Destined to End

You feel an intense bond as if it is your soul’s journey to be with this person. On one hand, that immediate connection can feel as though things were meant to be. On the other, hindsight will show you that this karmic relationship was doomed.

Check out these signs a karmic relationship is ending the entire time it unfolds.

1. Karmic Ties Are Instant And Defy Logic

  • “It’s like we were meant to be together!”
  • “You won’t believe the crazy way we met!”
  • “Sparks flew!”

People express these sentiments at the beginning of a karmic relationship. At first, it’s exciting. However, the fact that these bonds defy logic is also the first sign a karmic relationship is ending.

Think about it. Chances are you would have never chosen this person in any other circumstances. That is why a karmic relationship is bound to end.

2. You Purposefully Ignore Red Flags in the Karmic Cycle

Normally, red flags are big and noticeable. When you rely on your senses and life experience, you don’t stick around when someone reveals their personality is full of them. Somehow, all of this goes out the window in a karmic relationship. Instead, you ignore each red flag and go against your better instincts.

In any other relationship, you would either see a red flag as a reason to leave or something to work on through honest conversations. In a karmic relationship, it’s like you blow past all of that and intentionally ignore all of the negative aspects.

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3. The Drama With Your Karmic Partner Never Ends

When people mention karmic patterns, they often refer to the drama cycle that seems to consistently reset itself. Things go badly, get better, and you and your partner are suddenly tossed into battle yet again in some sort of distorted sense of cosmic energy.

Perhaps you both have some strain from a previous life that has yet to be resolved. Or the complex emotions you feel for each other are not love but have been confused for love. Either way, when you constantly fight the drama cycle with your partner, it may be a sign that the relationship is ending.

4. Negative Emotions Are at the Center

A big part of a karmic relationship is to make strides in personal development alongside another person. However, this development can easily become stunted when negative emotions take center stage in the relationship.

Although you do not always have to be perfectly happy with your partner, and negative patterns of emotions can be healthy at times, they should not be at the center focus of your relationship. These emotions can be a surefire sign that you are in a failing karmic relationship.

5. Your Communication Is Worse Than Any Past Romantic Relationship

You make a simple, non-controversial remark. The next thing you know, you are screaming at one another. Worse, in the back of your mind, you know you could take a deep breath and calm things down.

But communication is always a sure fight. So could they. Neither of you do. It’s like your karmic relationship feeds on negative energy and drama. Sure, the makeup sex is good at first, but eventually, you will realize that it is time to break free.

6. You Hate How Possessive You Feel

At first, it’s “I love him so much! I can’t wait to see him again!” That turns into, “I can’t believe he is sneaking around and not bothering to call!” When you realize how you are behaving, you feel guilt and shame. Meanwhile, he’s also exhibiting his recurring patterns of acute jealousy. That’s a key sign that karmic relationships are not meant to last.

7. Fights in a Karmic Relationship Get Ugly

You can’t believe you said that to him. Then again, he said some over-the-top things to you as well. Worse, this isn’t a one-off. This is just how the two of you fight now, and those fights are endless. This is also one of the top signs a karmic relationship is ending. There are just some things you can’t take back, and maybe you wouldn’t even if you could.

8. You Are Just Exhausted

At the start, you felt vibrant and alive. Now, you feel numb and tired all of the time. At this point, it’s good news to you that your karmic relationship is ending. It is increasingly difficult to function. You no longer care about the stars or past life lessons. You are certainly sick of the repetitive patterns of fighting, toxicity, drama, and gaslighting. Your only irresistible desire now is to be apart from this person.

How to heal a broken heart after a karmic relationship

How to Heal After Your Karmic Relationship Reaches Its Conclusion

Some people see the karmic relationship as a spiritual experience that is necessary for their own personal growth. To them, such a relationship is sent to them so that they may learn essential lessons and evolve. Another possibility is that negative energy blockages from outside sources ruined the relationship before it ever had a chance.

Other people think that’s nonsense. So-called Karmic relationships are born from two people with underlying issues who form a dysfunctional but strong connection. There was never a divine union, just a dysfunctional one.

No matter what you think, now is a time to heal. Even better, you can learn some things from this to avoid unhealthy relationships in the future.

1. Acknowledge That Breaking the Karmic Bond Is Freeing But Hard to Do

As your karmic relationship nears an end, you will feel a range of emotions. You are so glad to break free, but sometimes you genuinely miss them. That’s okay. It’s even healthy.

Part of the healing process is experiencing those emotions. It’s a bit trite to say that you need to feel your feelings, but it is true. Don’t rush the process. Give yourself the time you need to go through this without taking any shortcuts. The inner peace you gain from that will be worthwhile.

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2. Reach Out for Support

All this time, you’ve probably been ignoring your healthier connections with friends and family. You may even feel guilty for reaching out. Swallow your pride, and do it anyway. This soul’s journey has been brutal for you, and you deserve meaningful support.

Sometimes, you may need more than a friend or family member can offer. If so, don’t hesitate to contact a professional therapist. They will help you navigate the healing process and restore your well being.

3. Engage in the Self Care You Deserve

Self-care is self love, and that is so important to keep in mind right now. Take good care of yourself. Go and get a massage, sleep when you feel tired, and eat food that is good for you. Remember that some of the repetitive patterns that you picked up in this relationship have probably caused you to neglect yourself. It’s time to get rid of that negativity with purposeful self love.

4.. Analyze What Really Happened

“When you notice someone does something toxic the first time, don’t wait for the second time before you address it or cut them off. Many survivors are used to the “wait and see” tactic which only leaves them vulnerable to a second attack. As your boundaries get stronger, the wait time gets shorter. You never have to justify your intuition.”

Shahida Arabi

Now, it is time to dig in and do the work. Think of this as an extension of the advice to practice self care. You need to understand what drew you into this relationship, and what kept you there. This may be difficult and painful. But, you deserve the perspective and understanding to avoid repeated patterns that lead to bad relationships. Also, your future partners deserve you at your best.

5. Go and Find the Person You Truly Deserve

Don’t lose hope when it comes to your future relationships. All you need is your willingness to be open to love and the best dating app. There are many harmonious relationships in your future, or perhaps just one amazing one.

Takeaway: It’s Better to Avoid Than Break Free

Karmic relationships are evidence that you need to take care of your emotional and mental health. Why? Simply put, someone with a healthy sense of self-love is so much less likely to fall into this kind of toxic relationship. Learn to recognize those red flags and build enough self confidence to easily walk away.

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