7 Best Sex Positions Ever: Your Guide

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05 May 2024
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Sex Positions Guide: 7 Things Every Couple Should Try

What’s your favorite sex position? If you’re like most people, it’s doggy style! In any case, chances are you have one or two sex positions that you and your partner keep going back to. That’s great! Nothing wrong with having a favorite – unless both of you are bored out of your minds. In that case, it may be time to add some new positions to your sexual repertoire. It could be just what you need to spice things up.

Stay tuned! We have some amazing suggestions for improving your penetration technique. Here is your sex positions guide to find everything that makes your sex life fun again.

Why Should You Try New Sex Positions

Indeed, why should you change things up when you already have that tried and true sex position? There are a couple of reasons to do this:

  1. As amazing as your favorite sex positions are, there may be something better. You won’t know until you try some new sex positions. You might find one that provides you with the best sex ever.
  2. When you switch things up, you might blow your partner’s mind. It’s worth trying something new when the potential payoff is tons of extra pleasure.

Variety just keeps your relationship interesting. You won’t fix a failing partnership with some hot sex positions. But you just might remind each other how much fun you have together.

Sex positions guide: 7 best options

7 Hot Sex Positions You Should Try

Let’s get started! Here are 7 sex positions to help you rock your partner’s body. They don’t require some special skills or flexibility from either of you.

1. Woman on Top Positions

Some of the most popular sex positions involve the woman being in the top position. The most common of these involves the woman being on top, facing the man, and riding him. This is often referred to as cowgirl. If you didn’t try it, that’s a must!

Benefits of this position: Many women enjoy being able to control the speed and depth of penetration. It can also feel empowering to be on top. She or her partner can also provide clitoral stimulation with fingers or a vibrator.

Downsides of this position: It’s physically demanding. The man can thrust upwards, but for the most part, the woman does all the work. It can also be hard on the knees. Also, it isn’t the most natural position, so a woman needs some practice to do it right.

New thing to Try: Reverse Cowgirl

In this variation of the woman on top, she is turned around backward. While she still rides him, the man or person with a penis may help give support to her upper body with his hands on her waist or hips.

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2. Doggy Style

Doggy style has the “receiving” partner on their hands and knees or elbows and needs, while the “giving” partner kneels behind them. This is extraordinarily popular among people with varying sexual preferences.

Benefits of this position: It’s considered one of the best because it allows for deeper penetration. It also works for both vaginal and anal sex. Also, neither partner has to support the weight of the other. Many couples enjoy going for a long period without getting tired.

Downsides of this position: It’s possible for penetration to go too deep, which may be painful. Sometimes, the partner in the back will also get that one leg cramp that can definitely ruin a sex session.

Thing to Try: Downward Dog

This is a variation of this position that closely resembles the yoga pose, downward-facing dog. Here, penetration may happen from a prone, kneeling, or standing position, depending on the flexibility of the receiving partner.

3. Missionary Position

Missionary is another popular sex position. Although it’s often seen as being boring and vanilla, it feels like the most natural in male-female social dynamics. Here, the man lays on top of the woman who has her legs spread. Then, enters her.

A slight variation is the coital alignment technique, which is a sex position that allows for better intimacy and contact with the woman’s erogenous zones. Essentially, the man shifts slightly upward, and penetration goes deeper. Done right, both her clitoris and G spot are stimulated.

Benefits of this position: The standard missionary is quite intimate. Partners can kiss one another. She can increase intimacy by wrapping her legs around him. It’s also a very natural position where each partner’s genitals fit together rather perfectly. If you are interested in anal sex, this is a hot alternative to doggy.

Downsides of this position: It’s pretty boring, especially if you keep repeating this sex position night after night. Also, the woman on the bottom can’t be too active beyond thrusting up in rhythm with the man.

Thing to Try: The Butterfly

In this missionary sex position variation, the woman lies on her back, but scoots down to the edge of a bed, table, or other load-bearing surface. The man stands at the end of the bed or table to provide penetration. He can hold her legs with one arm as she drapes them over one of his shoulders. He can also take one ankle in each hand or allow her to drape one leg over each shoulder.

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4. Face Sitting (Queening)

Queening or face sitting is one of the most oral sex positions that doesn’t involve penetrating the vaginal walls. As the name suggests, she takes a position straddling his face while he eats her pussy. As alternatives, she may be seated in a few different positions such as backward.

Benefits of this position: It’s another empowering sex position. It also gives the woman a way to control the rhythm. Guys like it because it’s exotic and sexy.

Downsides of this position: Not much can go wrong with this sex position. As a possible pitfall, it makes a woman too dominant if you combine it with women in top positions only. Also, it can be awkward to stay balanced, and women find that it takes away from the pleasure because they have to focus on holding themselves up.

5. 69

69 is a rather “nice” position, with one partner taking the six position and the other the nine position for a fun session of mutual oral sex. Variations include both people facing one another but inverted, lying on their sides. Another involves one on top and one on bottom.

Benefits of this position: It’s a sexy, go-to position because it’s fun, raunchy, and orgasmic.

Downsides of this position: Some people prefer to keep the six and the nine separate. Because let’s be really honest here: it can be super hard to keep pleasuring your partner while also focusing on the mind-blowing you are in the process of having.

6. Spooning

“Spooning and sideways positions can get hot and dirty but they also can be about building connection and closeness. If you want to get super intimate and close, sideways sex can get deep quick when you’re skin-to-skin against your lover and moving in rhythm together. Your bodies feel snug and more conjoined than ever.”

Elle Chase, certified sexologist

Spooning is one of the best positions for cuddling and sex. In the latter case, naked partners lie on their sides, one being the big spoon and the other being the little spoon. Also, in this sex position, it doesn’t matter if one or both people are a bit plus-sized.

Benefits of this position: Spooning may really be one of the best sex positions ever because:

  • This position is super chill and easy for both partners
  • You can both watch TV
  • It’s great if you are too tired for other positions
  • He can adjust his angle to hit her G-spot
  • His hands are free for great access to her clit and breasts

Downsides of this position: If the angle isn’t right, a man could bang into her pubic bone. If you’re a woman facing this problem, it may help to bring your top leg forward a little to make the penetrating task easier for your man.

7. Lotus

The lotus position is present in the Kama Sutra and involves two people sitting on each other’s lap facing one another. Both are cross-legged, with her on top and her legs wrapped around him as he penetrates her.

Benefits of this position: When it comes to intimacy, this one is directly out of one of the oldest books on best sex positions. So, you should definitely try adding it to your sexual repertoire.

Downsides of this position: It can take a while to discover the perfect positioning for both of you. Also, this is a tantric sex position that doesn’t allow for a lot of thrusting. He may also need to take care that his penis isn’t bent at an awkward or painful angle.

Experiment in bed to find a sex position you both like

How to Try and Rate the Best Sex Positions in Your Sex Life

We recommend trying these good sex positions to see what you like and add a bit of spice between the two of you. If you’re up to this idea, why not challenge one another to try a new position each week? Then, you can rate them until you find the sex position combination that can be regular favorites.

Where do you go when you’ve tried all the positions on our list? Here are our suggestions:

  • Watch porn together. You’ll certainly find some unique positions there.
  • Get a copy of the Kama Sutra. This is still the ultimate sex positions guide with many different options for you.
  • Go to yoga or stretching classes to include in your routine some sex positions that require a lot of strength and flexibility.

And the most important thing is to keep going as practice makes perfect! Eventually, you will find at least one amazing sex position that will lead to an orgasm every time.

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Making the Best Sex Positions Work for You

Even the best sex positions can be challenging. Also, it’s not easy to feel hot when the two of you are awkwardly trying to position yourselves in the right place. So, at the end of our sex positions guide, we’ll share a few tips to make things easier for you:

  • Don’t neglect foreplay so the two of you are wet and ready
  • Take your time, and don’t feel pressured to get it right away
  • Feel free to make adjustments that you need to accommodate both of you and make things comfortable
  • Don’t shy away from using plenty of lube if needed
  • Experiment with sex toys to find the ideal depth and angle
  • Use sex aids or sex furniture to help enjoy each of these positions longer
  • Talk so that both of you know everything is in the right place

Mostly, have a great time! You don’t need to have the best sex to enjoy time with your partner. The goal is to discover what works for both of you. If you put too much pressure on yourselves to perform perfectly, you won’t feel free to experiment.

Also, sex is not that serious. Feel free to laugh together if things get weird. Better to lighten the mood than get frustrated, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t look like adult movie stars. The point is to enjoy and celebrate the other person’s body.

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