19 Movies With Cool Sex Scenes

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20 May 2024
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19 Best Movies with Lots of Sex Scenes

Want to see some movies with lots of sex? Welcome to the 21st-century world of cinema! These days, virtually every type of sex and other erotica is splashed on the big screen. You can boost your sexual desire by watching sexy scenes of all types, from full frontal nudity of both men and women, butts, oral sex scenes, and every type of explicit sex scenes we can imagine.

In short, sex has become mainstream, and why not? It is a normal part of life and should be shown as such. So, let’s unpack some of the films that feature plenty of sex, but that also have great storylines, actors, important themes, and maybe some humor mixed in. The point is that the movie is

Buckle up and let’s get started with 19 movies that are more than their sex scenes, with the sex still contributing to the entire experience.

19 best movies with lots of sex in detail

19 Best Movies With Lots of Sex

Here is a list of great movies (regardless of their box office success) with pretty explicit content for your sexual experience.

1. Bound

We have to retreat just a bit back from the 20th century for this one. The Wachowski sisters (both trans women) began their directing career with this movie, starring Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon as lesbian lovers who plot to scam a mob boss and blame it on another crook. The film has suspense and humor, but the lesbian sex scene is unforgettable.

2. Brokeback Mountain

This became a hugely controversial film when released in 2005. It is both a love story (although temporary) and a look at gay sexual pleasure. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal do a great job.

In 2005, Brokeback Mountain was one of the first mainstream motion pictures to feature a love story and sex scenes between two gay characters played by two famous actors, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.

3. Secretary

Speaking of the Gyllenhaal’s, Maggie Gyllenhaal, same name as Jake, had the starring role in this 2002 film, a type of comedy involving two people who decide to follow a BDSM lifestyle. The movie was the first film that showed full frontal nudity on the big screen. The film earned her a Best Actress nomination by the Golden Globes. James Spader co-starred.

4. Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour is a French film about a bored housewife who becomes a call girl. The film is full of sex and BDSM starring an equally sexy Catherine Deneuve.

5. Shame

This film focuses on a mental health issue – sex addiction. Among the sex scenes is a pretty thorough analysis of this condition and its impact on the addict and those around him.

6. Eyes Wide Shut

Starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Eyes Wide Shut (1999) is a great movie has several sex scenes, some real, some fantasy, that culminated in an orgy. That scene had to be modified to get an R rating before it could be released in the US.

7. Y Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother Too)

Starring famed Mexican actor Diego Luna, this is a story of two teenage boys who take a jaunt with an older woman and wind up in every possible sexual encounter. The film was released in the US by IFC films and was even nominated for an Academy Award.

8. Fifty Shades of Grey (Film Series)

Between 2015 and 2018, three films were produced and released based on a British trilogy – Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed, written by EL James. Lead actors were Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. BDSM is the primary sexual relationship in this series, and they were not particularly well-received in the U.S. Still, the series grossed 1.3 billion.

9. Last Tango in Paris

Europe was way ahead of the US in producing unsimulated sex movies. And Last Tango in Paris is a prime example.

In this one of the best sex movies of all times, a couple engages in an anonymous sexual relationship in a bare apartment in Paris. There is plenty of sex, including sexual violence. It was so controversial that it became a Time cover story.

10. Nymphomaniac (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2)

This two-part European film in 2013-2014 movie features Jamie Bell and Uma Thurman. A middle-aged bachelor rescues a woman who has been assaulted and is lying in an ally behind his home. He brings her into her home for recovery. During her time with him, Jo recounts all of her sexual experiences as a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac. There is far more conversation and description of sex than actual acts.

11. The Dreamers

Matthew arrives in Paris as a foreign exchange student. He meets Theo and his sister Isabelle (played by Eva Green, and the three of them stay at Theo and Isabelle’s home while their parents are out of town. The physical adventure begins – an adventure in lots of sex in which Isabelle loses her virginity to Matthew, and all three engage in various other sexual acts.

Nudity is predominant. Their free-spirited relationship ends because of a violent student protest in the streets. Matthew wants no part in it and simply leaves Theo and Isabelle, holding hands while Theo hurls a Molotov cocktail at a police line.

12. American Pie

Four high school senior boys make a pact that they will do whatever is necessary to have sex on prom night. What follows is a series of capers, practical jokes, a webcam disaster, and more. Is there sex and nudity? Of course, but most of it occurs within a background of comedy. The original movie has now become a series.

13. Benedetta

Talk about forbidden love. Here is a 17th-century nun in a lesbian relationship with another nun and, at the same time, receives erotic visions mixed in with the religious. This young woman is horribly conflicted by her sexuality and the vows she has taken. Secrets, sex, and sacrilege all rolled up into one.

14. Disobedience

Speaking of sacrilege, how about about two young women of the Jewish Orthodox faith. One has long ago been kicked out of the Orthodox community because of a childhood lesbian encounter and was disowned by her father. She moved to New York City but has returned for her father’s funeral. As luck might have it, she meets up with the childhood lesbian, and their basic instinct takes hold again.

15. After We Fell

This movie is a Fifty Shades of Grey 2015 for a young couple, Tessa and Hardin, in 2021. This is probably not one of the best sex movies of all time and may not be receiving any awards, but the sex scenes are hot and steamy, and it does have a deeper theme of family relationships.

16. Risky Business

When parents leave town and young men are left to their own devices, plenty can happen. Joel Goodson (played by Tom Cruise) is no exception. Taking his father’s Porshe for a drive, the car crashes, and he is in a world of hurt to come up with the money to get it fixed asap.

The solution? Run a prostitution ring out of the house just for one night. The home turned brothel is a huge success, and Joel and Lana, one of the prostitutes, actually begin a sexual and somewhat romantic relationship. There are a few other twists, but the film is credited with launching Cruise’s career. Upper-class American living is showcased.

17. Blue Is the Warmest Color

This film is a coming-of-age story for a young woman, Adele, an introverted high school student who comes to understand that she is attracted to girls and wants to explore her sexuality. She meets Emma, a bit older woman art student, in a lesbian bar, and the sparks fly. The sex content is erotic, as the tumultuous relationship continues on and off, even including a love triangle or two. In the end, the two women part permanently. It is as much a story about relationships as it is about sexual content.

18. Good Luck Chuck

Chuck is the victim of a curse put on him during a childhood game of spin the bottle when he refuses to kiss a girl. She states that after he has been with a woman, “to the next she will be true.” And the hex is bearing fruit. He meets a girl, has sex, and the relationship goes nowhere. But she finds true love.

Chuck’s reputation grows, and he finds himself inundated with women who want one-night stands so they can meet their true love. For his part, Chuck wants the curse to be gone, and he has fallen for Cam, who is hesitant to begin a relationship with him.

Ultimately Chuck and his friend track down the girl who hexed him and convince her to remove the spell. The relationship with Cam blossoms, and there is a penguin involved.

Plenty of nudity and sexually explicit scenes in this one.

19. Young and Beautiful

16-year-old Isabelle has her first sex with a young German boy while on a family vacation. Returning home, she is feeling disassociated with life in general and especially dislikes her overbearing mother. She begins a life as a parttime sex worker, actually as a high-end call girl, meeting men in high-end hotels, with an extra business cell phone and posing as 20-year-old Lea. Her exploits are steamy and graphic. Eventually, she is discovered when one of her clients dies of a heart attack during their encounter. The police find her, and she has to confess. This situation ushers in total estrangement from her mother and a sense of guilt that she caused the man’s death. Ultimately, she meets up with the man’s wife and is set free from that guilt.

This Is Just a Taste

Given that explicit and graphic sexual behavior is now the new normal for contemporary cinema, we can expect it to be prevalent and popular going forward. It is no longer a scenario reserved for porn. And with that change has come the inclusion of sexual activity into plots and themes that reflect society and humankind.

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