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Eager to explore dating an older man? Look no further! Embrace meaningful connections with intelligent, mature singles on Hily.

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Why Do Women Like Older Men?

To put it bluntly, many women don’t want to feel as if they have to teach the men they date how to treat them. They don’t want to deal with men who haven’t had many life experiences. So, dating an older man becomes the best choice for a younger woman to find maturity, stability, and experience above her own age. Unfortunately, such women also face judgment and presumptions. So do the older men who prefer to connect romantically with young women. That’s a shame. Everyone deserves to date in a way that makes them happy without being judged. The notion that these women just want a partner for their money is false and sexist. So is the idea that the men are desperately clinging to their youth.

Top Free Features For Dating Older Men

We've made Hily a friendly dating app for women dating older men. If this interests you, we're confident you'll want to give us a try!

Nearby Search
Younger women can easily find older men who are in their neighborhood or where they travel.
Incognito Mode
Keep your profile from being seen or getting messages from younger users on a dating app
Advanced Filters
Refine your search for the perfect older man with advanced filters
Disable Ads
Turn older men on. Turn disruptive and spammy ads off!

Why is Hily the Best App For Dating Older Men?

Younger women who date older men quickly realize that the best approach is to create an honest, heartfelt connection. These emotionally mature men are looking for someone to spend quality time with. Compatibility and conversation often take priority over characteristics that a young man might crave. Thanks to Hily’s advanced filters feature, it’s easier to for a young woman to find the ideal older guy. But what if you start feeling pressure from younger guys and others that aren’t in your ideal age range? Just use incognito mode! This way, you can’t be contacted until you feel ready. And how to meet a compatible older guy instead? Take the Hily compatibility quiz and meet your perfect mature man! Women date older men to find cultured guys who know what they want, and Hily helps make those matches. You can also use our quiz results as a way to start fun conversations and break the ice!

Top Premium Features For a Younger Woman Dating an Older Man

Top Premium Features For a Younger Woman Dating an Older Man

Check out these features and why they are worth spending a bit of money

Did you scroll past a potential older partner? Just use a Rollback for a second chance!
Major Crushes
Send guys with more life experience an enhanced like or message with major crush!
Start dating an older gent sooner by temporarily boosting your profile's visibility
Compatibility Quiz
Take a few minutes of free time and check out our compatibility quiz! It will help you find the right guy
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How Dating Older Men Works on Hily?

It's easy to find an older man to date to Hily! Whether you want a long term relationship or casual fun - just follow these steps.

Download Hily App
We're on the App Store and Google Play for free! Download today. It's easy!
Create a Profile
Find a healthy relationship by creating a fun & engaging profile on Hily
Discover Older Men Nearby
Date men where you live by using local search and advanced filtering
Start Your Older Man Love Story
Your Winter-Spring romance starts on Hily

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Explore the Joys of Dating Older Men on Hily

Some of the happiest relationships that happen on Hily have a bit of an age gap. Often, women who have had bad luck with previous relationships realize that they might find the love they want with someone who is significantly older. Meanwhile, many older men tend to look for younger women with more energy and vitality. When they find each other, they tend to form power couples with long lasting bonds. Hily is able to help these women find the relationship they are looking for. This works because our app uses compatibility, search, and filtering to help women who prefer older men connect with guys who are compatible with them. That’s different from other apps that only use location and demographics.

What Do Older Men Look for When Dating?

Men of a certain age have more worldly experience. So, what do they look for in a woman? It’s easy to assume that these guys are attracted to young, naïve, insecure, and financially unstable women. In truth, most of these men aren’t interested in being “sugar daddies”. They are attracted to self-aware, financially stable women who have career goals. Also, jealousy takes a backseat at this age. So these guys are generally okay with women who are independent and have active social lives. Ladies, bring your self worth to the table! What they do want is a woman who is fun, vivacious, and energetic. While they don’t mind being the one to treat, they also enjoy spending time with someone who is financially independent. If you are a younger gal in search of an older guy, don’t worry that you don’t have the same experience as him. Instead, focus on building a relationship around having fun together and engaging in interesting conversations. That will make an age gap seem pretty meaningless. Remember that you both bring something valuable to the situation.

Where to Meet Single Older Men?

Most women have embraced meeting older men with more life experience online. If you’ve been told to do this, you’ve been given good advice. Men of every age have largely moved to the internet or smart phone apps to find women. It’s so much easier to find the person who is right for you with the help of technology. It also helps to be open to new experiences. Get out there, get active, and you’ll meet more people in general. That always works in your favor. Out of all of the apps available to you, we are confident that Hily app is the best. It’s easy to use. You won’t waste time figuring things out on our user friendly platform. Additionally, we have designed our app to recommend people who match your true preferences as well as your relationship goals. If you are interested in much older men who want long term relationships, Hily dating app can help. If you are attracted to men just a few years older for NSA dating, that’s also here on Hily! We truly offer something for every taste.

F&Q About Dating Older Men on Hily

You have an excellent chance of meeting someone great on Hily. If you are attracted to the idea of finding an older partner, Hily is a great place to start. We’ve created an easy to use dating app that allows you to state your preferences and meet people who will be a great fit for you. This includes older guys. While we can’t absolutely guarantee you will get the results you want, we have a great track record for helping our users pursue the relationships they dream of. You can too if you put your best self forward. Take control of your life and give it a try!

Yes! There are more than 26 million Hily users and our app is growing. This includes a diverse range of users who are looking for many different things in a relationship. If you are interested in a partnership with an age difference, we offer that. More importantly, we can take this preference of yours along with your other dating goals to curate the best recommendations when compared to other dating apps. It’s proof that size really matters when it comes to getting the selection you deserve.

We want your experience dating on Hily to be enjoyable and affirming. This is a space where every person deserves to be treated with respect. Adults of any age are encouraged to let us know if they encounter any behavior that is suspicious or disturbing. We also encourage you to engage in safe online behaviors. Additionally, Hily complies with all laws and regulations relating to data privacy.

Hily is a results-oriented app for busy adults who want to find compatible partners with a range of relationship goals. Because of this, you get the benefits of an efficient app that is easy to use. Also, you gain recommendations that actually match your requirements. Every person you meet is compatible with you in some way.

You don’t have to spend money to use Hily. Our app has a free level, and you can use that to connect with other singles, talk to users, send likes, and arrange dates in real life. If you would like to spend money for a more premium experience, you can do that too! Just know you can find someone older to date absolutely free. There are plenty of reasons to fit Hily into your life.

Yes! Hily is a global app. We may not be available in every country, but you will certainly find us in many places where other dating apps are not. This makes Hily an ideal choice for people who travel for career or recreational purposes. No matter where you are, there’s a good chance that you can use local search to find a partner for life or just a date.

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