Dating in Your 30s: Fresh Start for Confident Women

Finding the right person is hard. But we're here to help you find a guy worth your time.

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Dating As a Woman in Your 30s - Time to Find Your Potential Partner

Dating in your 30s is like playing the same game with a new set of rules. Your goals are different, and so are the men on a dating scene. An initial look at the dating pool can be discouraging, but there’s hope for intelligent, capable women!

Hily is here for women just like you. You can meet an amazing person who is worth your time. You have no more years to waste. And the best way to make a meaningful connection in the shortest time is through online dating. Your job is to know your deal breakers, define your desires, and let us do the leg work.

Top Free Features for Modern Dating in Your 30s

There's a reason why Hily consistently makes the top ten list of dating apps. We offer free features to help women with life experience get results. Don't waste time, take advantage of these tools.

Nearby Search
Narrow your search down to a specific area. This is perfect if you want your next relationship to be local.
Incognito Mode
Increase your safety and prevent the wrong person from seeing your profile. You stay in control on Hily.
Advanced Filters
Enter in features you want in a dream date so our algorithm can find people who can fit into your life.
Disable Ads
Remove interruptions to bring fun back to online dating and make it easier for you to meet people.

Hily Features Make Dating in Your 30s Enjoyable

You want to find a great partner and enjoy a positive dating experience. Of course, you also eager to get results and avoid wasting time. That’s why we offer these base features to help single people connect. Dating requires you to leave your comfort zone, but you should always feel safe and have fun.

As a single woman in your 30s, you want to find a local partner with the same relationship goals. Also, it’s important for you to have a low-pressure dating experience. On Hily, we not only allow you to hid your profile from people you don’t trust, you can also prevent friends, relatives, and acquaintances from peaking at your profile and interfering with your online relationships. Just make your expectations clear – and we’ll provide you with an app interface that makes dating online in your 30s easier.

Top Premium Features For Dating in Your 30s

Top Premium Features For Dating in Your 30s

If you've experienced failed relationships, you may want to invest in a dating solution that gets results. Let us introduce our premium features for discerning ladies who are comfortable in their own skin.

Second chances are important online and in real life. Use rollbacks to like a profile you previously scrolled past.
Major Crushes
Find a match with the right guy by sending a enhanced like or a message before you connect.
Increase your opportunity to meet a man with amazing qualities. Use boost to promote your dating profile, and be seen by many people.
Compatibility Quiz
Meet someone who really clicks with you. Answer questions about love and romance to help you achieve your goal of finding exactly who you want in a partner.
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Dating in Your 30s - Not Like It Was a Decade Ago

When you date people in your 30s, you do so with more self worth and life experience. Let us be your relationship coach with these useful steps.

Download Hily App
Hily is available on Google Play & the App Store. It just takes a few minutes to install and find a date!
Create a Fun Dating Profile
Invest time in creating an attractive profile that shows your personality
Discover Singles Nearby
Use our features to find available singles in your area. We make partner selection easier!
Build The Romantic Future You Deserve
Have you noticed you have fewer single friends? It's your turn now!

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Is it Normal to be Single at 30?

It depends. Are you happy? You can be single and have a full life at any age. We support that wholeheartedly. But when you are ready to welcome a partner into your life, know that Hily is available to you. If you are a strong, confident lady who has a great future, don’t settle for the next man who makes himself available. We offer no-pressure, internet dating based on true compatibility. Whether you are marriage minded or simply looking to meet new people, let us help you make it happen. There is no bad way to date on Hily.

Why Men Really Like Women in Their 30s?

What can we say! There are just certain things about a woman after age 30. She knows what she wants in her relationships and has no interest in playing silly games. Chances are, she has a stable career and isn’t afraid to communicate. And, when it comes to sex, she knows how things work.

Unfortunately, too many fabulous singles are told that being 30 or older makes them less desirable. Nothing could be further from the truth. So many men have realized that they aren’t compatible with someone who is still finding herself. Instead, they are looking for love with someone who values communication and wants to build something together. If you are children and marriage minded, that’s even better. Be confident, you have things to offer that younger women don’t.

Why Should I Use The Hily App When Dating in My 30s?

We know there are several apps available for single folks who are looking for a relationship. We’re also confident that you won’t find one better than Hily. We spent the last few years perfecting our algorithm and interface. So many single ladies have found relationships using our app! This doesn’t mean you need to get married. If you prefer to date casually, we can help with that too!

What’s the secret? Rather than finding a match and arranging your first date using shallow, meaningless criteria, we focus on compatibility. Our users are encouraged to communicate with one another. This way, when you are ready to meet the other person, the two of you have already made a meaningful connection. You may end up as friends, or gain a new partner. In any case, we promise you will never have to settle or lose hope. Women have gotten married thanks to Hily while others simply enjoy meeting new people.

Q&A About Dating in Your 30s

Dating at 30 can present unique challenges, but it’s not inherently harder. At this age, people often have more clarity about their preferences and life goals, which can make dating more focused.

You’ve probably been told a million times that someone your age should settle down and focus on marriage and having kids. While there is nothing wrong with those relationship goals, we believe nobody should be locked into any particular life choices. Do what works for you! Hily will be there from beginning to end as the best tool for singles looking for an opportunity to have fun and enjoy all aspects of dating. So, there you have it. Dating at 30 should look like whatever makes you happy.

If you are looking for love and dating in your 30s, Hily can absolutely help you find someone special. We take the drudgery and work out of connecting with romantic partners. That said, there are some things that are up to the individual. You’ll need to open the app every day, respond to your notifications, and create a great profile. If you do these things, all signs point to your meeting someone who is right for you! The Hily team is always here to help. If you have questions about a feature, a concern, or an idea for us don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s always the perfect time to talk!

There isn’t necessarily one thing that people using Hily are looking for. One user might want to get married and have children. Others want to wait for that. Instead, their idea of a great experience is casual dating and making great friends. What our users do want is an app that rewards their effort to create an attractive online profile by helping them meet other compatible men and women. We use features such as our compatibility quiz to help you find people who want the same things as you.

Dating in your 30s means carrying certain baggage and having concerns about meeting people online. But don’t worry: your safety and privacy are important to us. We want you to feel comfortable when you engage with someone on the other side of that screen. That’s why we have taken reasonable steps to create as safe a place as possible for you. Our users can take part on Hily with a sense of confidence. Some of the steps we take include age verification to ensure that children are not using our product. We also respond quickly to reports of bullying or harassment. Additionally, we encourage our users to protect themselves. Use strong passwords. Don’t share your account with others. Wait until you feel comfortable to arrange an in-person meeting. Never send money to someone you meet online. Finally, we are committed to data privacy and protection. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations as they relate to customer privacy. Hily has a full transparency policy too. We will disclose any lost or corrupt data to our users. Thankfully our policies and protocols have given us a perfect track record.

Whether you want to date or your focus is on a monogamous relationship, there are plenty of Hily users. We have an international presence, so you can find a date in almost every corner of the world.

The team at Hily is proud of our accomplishments, but we don’t live in the past. We are constantly looking to the future for opportunities to make it easier for our users to date online. Every connection you make is a big deal to you, and it’s important to us too! Dating in your 30s should be a great experience, and we work hard to create the perfect space for you.

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