26 Ideas to Spend a Morning Date

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03 Nov 2023
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26 Morning Date Ideas (for Any Energy Level)

Many of us are not really “morning people.” We struggle to get out of bed and into the shower so we can wake up and get ready to go to work. On the weekends, we take great joy in sleeping in. And vacations? Heaven on earth! No alarm clocks. And having any plans, even if they are morning date ideas, feels like hell to us.

But the problem is when we partner up with a morning person – we all know the type. They bounce out of bed full of energy, ready to greet the day with a smile and lots of energy, even before that first cup of coffee is poured. And this happens even on the weekends. And what’s more? That partner is ready to get out and do something – with you!

What should you do in this scenario? Here are some morning date ideas that can make you both happy: some of them are short enough to get you back to sleep fast, while others are big and leave an impression that lasts long (so you won’t need to repeat that Sunday or Saturday morning suffering often).

Reasons to try morning date ideas

What to Do If One of You Is a Morning Person and the Other Is Not

It’s time for compromise. After all, morning is anything between 4 am and 12 pm so that you can plan the most comfortable time together. Also, there are plenty of ways you can compromise on this.

Why do you need to compromise, after all? According to studies conducted by the Gottman Institute Wilcox and Drew from the University of Virginia, couples that spend quality time together really do have stronger relationships. In the latter study, couples who spent quality time together were 3.5 times more likely to report that they were very happy in their marriages, versus those who did not. So if you both can find spare time for each other on Saturday morning, don’t refuse the idea of planning a great morning date.

What may your morning date compromise look like? Let’s say an early bird partner in a relationship gets up first. While their partner still sleeps, they can be involved in individual activities, like the gym, a morning walk, or online coursework. This way they wait until the late riser is up. This time is still early enough (let’s say, 9:30), so there are still a couple of morning hours left for things to do that morning fun.

If you both agree on one day a week for a morning date this way, you can plan ahead to get to bed early enough that the later riser can get up earlier to have fun spending time together. This way, there will be even less stress for your compromise. After all, not all morning dates have to involve getting dressed, getting out, and engaging in lots of moving about. There are great morning date ideas that involve minimal exertion and can even happen without getting dressed. This also makes things easier for both.

Obviously, if evening dates the night before have lasted into the wee hours of the morning, this is not the time to plan a morning date. Evening dinner dates would be much better, so be wise with picking the exact slot for quality time in your schedules.

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26 Morning Date Ideas (Ranged by High, Average, and Low Energy Input)

Let’s look at the wide range of morning date ideas as part of your quality time together. For your convenience, we’ve ranged them by the input required, so both of you can prepare for what is needed in advance. In particular, some of these creative morning date ideas will require you to get cleaned up and dressed, while others can be realized without being that energetic. Choose which suits you best!

7 High-Energy Morning Date Ideas

Here’s the thing about high-energy morning dates: they actually get your feel-good hormones going and give you more energy going into the rest of your day. These fun morning date examples actually give you more mental energy, too. So, if you are up for an active date, choose one of these morning date ideas.

1. Roller or Ice Skating

Depending on the season and your weather, either one of these can be a fun way of spending time together. Even more, if you are both new to skating, you will surely share a few good laughs while mastering this new skill.

And afterward? Feel free to have some junk food for a change in the healthy eating you may usually engage in! After such high energy input, such breakfast is well-deserved.

2. Hike

This great morning date idea will work well if both of you are in pretty good shape physically. Again, you’ll have far more energy for the rest of your day after this experience. The fresh air of an early morning hike is invigorating. And go eat a hearty breakfast afterward!

3. Horseback Riding

Here’s something that is great for both novices and seasoned riders. If you are new to this, go to a stable with guides to take you on your ride.

If you are both seasoned riders, hit the trails by yourselves. You may not feel like hitting a restaurant in your riding clothes afterward, so get takeout and have a picnic breakfast in the park. The fresh morning air will be great.

Rock climbing is a cool morning date if you're physically fit

4. Rock Climbing

If you live in or near an urban area and are not outfitted and experienced, check out some indoor recreational centers offering indoor rock climbing.

Who knows? This may be the start of a new hobby you can share from now on. Ultimately, you may decide to go for real rock climbing in the outdoors.

5. Early Morning Run

This is one of the best morning date ideas if both of you are used to running. If you choose this fun morning date idea, there will be a great chance to make your running schedules finally meet.

Taking a run together is one of the best morning date ideas is taking that run together (and maybe showering together, too).

6. Golf Lesson

This could be a fun morning date idea if golf is new to each of you. You can take a few early morning lessons and then schedule playing a round on a regular basis.

If you both have regular work schedules, this could be an ongoing “date” on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Go for such a brand-new activity rather than the run-of-the-mill dinner date night to be creative.

7. Bike Ride

This, of course, requires that you are both physically fit and have bikes. But you may have done this solo as your work or school schedules allow. Plan a weekly ride together and go to someplace neither of you has ridden before.

Date ideas for a walk together

12 Average-Energy Morning Date Ideas

You don’t have to be into athletics to have a fun morning date. Here are a bunch of morning date ideas that require only a medium amount of energy.

8. Local Farmers Market

Farmers’ markets sell lots of fresh food and produce. But the larger ones sell many more items too. Thus, a farmer’s market is a morning date idea that can be repeated often if it is a fun activity for you both.

If you live close to a large market, strolling through the aisles and visiting the booths can take a few hours. Lots of booths offer hot and cold snacks, and you can eat a crazy breakfast. Or you can stuff everything in your car, go home, and cook up something from what you bought.

9. Sunrise Watching

If you decide to watch a sunrise, this is one of those romantic morning date ideas that could easily lead to more fun later on. Set your alarm, get up super early, make some coffee to go, take a drive to a hilltop or other isolated place, and watch the natural miracle.

And don’t forget to treat yourself to a tasty meal! You can have an early morning breakfast at a local cafe – or go home, plop back in bed, and save breakfast for later, after some other fun activity.

10. Beach Walk

If you are near a beach, either by a lake or the ocean, get there early in the morning before others show up. This is another one of those romantic morning dates that can be a prelude to other things.

You can always head back home and cook breakfast together. This morning activity gives such a relaxing vibe so you can spend the rest of the morning just chilling and cuddling.

11. Local Yard Sales

These usually begin pretty early in the morning, by 8 am. That’s why for this morning idea you really should get up in time to be some of the first people there.

You’ll have your pick of items and just may find a treasure or two – this is a fun morning date and something you may not often do together.

12. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Most people tend to think that a hot air balloon ride only happens in the afternoon or certainly by dusk. But early morning hot air balloon rides are also common, and give an amazing view on the sunrise if you do it early enough.

The hot air balloon ride is among creative morning date ideas that you won’t do often. But still, they can be an exciting experience you can share every once in a while. Get there early and watch the sunrise while the preparations are being made for your ride.

Morning date ideas near the water

13. A Morning River Cruise

If you aren’t near a beach, perhaps a mini road trip will take you to a river nearby. And where there are good-sized rivers, there are cruise boats. The good-sized ones offer cruises at all times of the day and night. Taking a cruise is a great morning date idea, and one of the best breakfast date ideas too.

Remember the cruise option for your next date night too. They offer dinner theatre and other types of live entertainment – something creative and new and a great way to spend quality time together.

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14. A Walk with a Dog

This is certainly not a classic date idea, but what if you both get up and take the dog for a walk to someplace new and different? Even if you have to drive someplace new, the walk can give you time to have some great conversations that you may not have had time for during your busy workdays and nights. Take these moments and treasure them – this is a fun bonding experience.

15. Coffee Shop Exploration

Almost every town has big-name coffee shops. Why not try all of the other little coffee and donut shops or small cafes for your morning coffee? This could become a weekly fun date activity.

Get your local newspaper (print copy), read it, and talk to each other about what is going around you. Really, this is a perfect morning date idea if you just feel like chilling a bit. And it gets you out of the house.

16. A Breakfast Picnic

A picnic is one of those aesthetically appealing and cute morning date ideas when the weather is good. It’s a great way to enjoy each other’s company while the morning sun gets you ready for the day ahead:

  • Start the date early by going out for breakfast while your partner still sleeps
  • Pack them up in a picnic basket and then wake them up
  • Eat your breakfast outside on your patio or deck, or just on a blanket spread on the lawn or driveway.

17. Brunch Date

So, neither of you is an early riser, and you don’t want to be. If that’s your case, great idea for you – morning dates don’t have to start at the break of dawn!

Check out which restaurants in town offer brunch on Saturday or Sunday mornings. These can also be standalone events offering brunch before the main event. Keep abreast of them all, as it can be so much fun to have brunch and then enjoy each other’s company for the rest of the afternoon.

18. Botanical Garden

Walking to a botanical garden before others is a great date idea. Many of the special displays are seasonal, but there is always something to see. Some even feature small auditoriums with live music and restaurants for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Going in the morning time is a fantastic way to make it leisurely and much more intimate.

As an alternative, consider any museums that are close by that you haven’t visited in a while – a natural history museum, an art museum, etc. Most also have restaurants for a delicious breakfast or brunch.

19. A Road Trip

One of the fun morning date ideas is to get up early and take a trip to someplace you have both always talked about visiting.

Get some takeout breakfast and coffee and have some great conversation along the way. This is one of those early morning date ideas that will bring you closer and let you escape the stressors of your work or school week. And ditch the digital devices too.

Fun home-based date ideas

7 Fun Morning Date Ideas at Home

Some of your favorite morning date ideas will be those you come up with right at home, especially if you relish a lazy morning when you both have the day off.

20. A Cooking Class

You can take a cooking class nearby or online from the comfort of your home. Just do a little research in advance, see what classes are coming up, make sure you buy all the ingredients for the class you will be taking (if needed), and cook together while you watch.

Who cares if it’s breakfast or not? You have cooked together and can now enjoy a great meal!

21. Painting Class

As for an online cooking class, get ready in advance with canvas and paints prepared. Stay in your PJs, cook a great breakfast, break out the paints, and upload the class.

This is a cute idea for something unique to do in the morning. And it’s a great conversation starter as you critique each other’s works of art.

22. Morning Delight

Here’s a great way to begin a morning date. Afterward, have a warm bath (together if your tub is big enough), and settle in for a day together doing whatever the two of you decide to do. What a great idea to start your day just right!

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23. Breakfast in Bed

You can take turns on this one. When you both have a morning with no obligations, breakfast in bed is a cute and loving thing to do. Get creative and set up a competition. Who can come up with the most creative and unique breakfast to serve?

24. Nostalgia Date

What were your favorite cartoons as a kid? Guess what? You can find them online. Have a great breakfast, pull up those old toons, and have a fun day laughing and cuddling together.

25. Board Games

If you have some of the standards lying around, playing board games is a super fun way to spend your morning (and afternoon) together. Keep score to make it a bit competitive. When you play board games together, the things about your personalities that you love can easily come out again.

26. Repeat the First Date

Maybe you went out to dinner and then a movie. How can you recreate that at home? Fix a dinner meal in the morning that mimics as closely as possible that meal you had. Then pull up the movie you went to that night. Morning movies can easily turn into an all-day movie marathon while you are at it. Take turns picking a movie that you love and watch them together as you cuddle on the couch. Add in an at-home smoothie date, and you can’t go wrong. Your morning date has now lasted all day.

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Are You Ready for Some Morning Fun?

Actually, having time together in the morning has some great benefits:

  • You aren’t stressed and tired after a hard day
  • Date nights are important, but date mornings can be far more relaxed.
  • Date mornings, as mentioned above, are both physically and mentally healthy.
  • Morning dates just add some novelty to your relationship.
  • They can be last-minute ideas and inexpensive too.

It’s time to put novelty into your dates! Just go for it – and enjoy the quality time you’ve got together!

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